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12 Signs You’re The Social Media Queen Of Your Friend Group

Sound familiar?

1. Likes are the only thing on your mind.

The CW / Via

🙏 Pass out. LIKES. Wake up. LIKES. Faded. LIKES. Faded. 🙌

2. You spend hours and hours deciding on the best time to post.

HBO / Via

How can you get the most Insta-love?

3. Your friends know the best (and only) way to get in touch with you is with the internet.

Jess Mendes

Only reachable via the social web, bby.

4. You evaluate every experience for its ~postability~ rating.


"Sorry, Janice. Don't think I'll be making your barbecue."

5. You can literally feel your followers thirsting for more when you've gone a while without posting.

AMC / Via

They need to feed!

6. You secretly hope every selfie you post will be the one to finally break the internet.

7. You use GIFs of yourself to get your message across.


Sometimes it's important for them to know EXACTLY how you feel.

8. You can only process information in the form of #hashtags.

9. You might even have a social media account dedicated to your pet.

Via Instagram: @ziggy.pie

It's only right to extend your social media wizardry to the cat in your life

10. You spend more time photographing your food than you do actually eating it.

You have priorities...

11. You have no qualms unfollowing friends if they post boring stuff.

12. And you often get caught in your favorite position.



You shouldn't have to work so hard.

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