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Non-Latinos Try Our Holiday Dishes For The First Time

With these delicacies, you better prepare your taste buds to celebrate hard.

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...but had a fairy tale ending.

Do you see how he stared at the panetón with heart eyes at the end? That, people, is called love.

Verdict: He took off with the whole panetón. We assume he liked it.

We just kinda let him figure it out. He called it a log.

Verdict: "I would take this log of ham on a picnic date; I would spread a blanket in a beautiful field and open my basket, remove the log, and then I would eat the entire thing by myself — because my date was with the log all along."

Lennon/Stone ©

This holiday season, connect with the ones you love over delicious meals — and with the help of the better network, Verizon Wireless. 😉🎄

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