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Literally Just 13 People Who Didn't Get What They Wanted For Christmas

"Gee, you shouldn't have." This year, get what they really want from the Verizon store.

1. This boy who SPECIFICALLY requested argyle:

2. This kid who has enough salad recipes already:

3. This girl who finds her doll just a little too lifelike:

4. This little kid who already knows he'll hate his gift just by weighing it...

5. ...and this slightly bigger kid who does the same thing:

6. These brothers who requested a potato head toy and a 3DS:

7. The last one to see Rudolph alive:

8. These kids who somehow didn't ask for canned food and a sponge???

9. This tiny tot who is done with physical media:

10. This girl whose fairy makes a desperate escape for Neverland:

11. This toddler whose first words were probably "Bah, humbug":

12. This kid who lost a fortune:

13. And this boy who accepts nothing less than four-ply:

This year, give the one you love a gift they'll actually want — like a new smartphone on America's best network. Only at Verizon. 🎁 📱