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Paid PostNov 25, 2016

Just Try Not To Laugh At These Incredibad Holiday Family Photos

The holidays are the perfect time for cocoa, cookies, hanging out with your family...and taking hilariously awkward pics with them.

It's fun to hang with family who haven't seen you in a while.

"Here is my snake. Or...possibly some ribbon? Who knows." —Casey

'Tis the season to spend time with people you love!

"This would be a great cover for a horror movie." —Hannah

...and, uh, "people" you love.

"And, uh, Prince Charming has arrived, though he's much colder than I expected." —Hannah

Hanging by the fireplace is warm and cozy.

"Am I a demon-possessed doll or a human? I still don't know." —Kris

Decorating your beautiful, majestic tree is a highlight, obvs.

"We bought a tree that was too big for our living room a few years ago. Instead of chopping off the trunk, my dad got super-lazy, snipped the top, and left us with this sad excuse of a shape claiming 'no one would notice.'" —Ashley

And bonding over shared interests? Priceless.

"My grandpa made us wear Penn State hoodies. I still don't really know why." —Tim

And, of course, pets are such an important part of the holidays.

"The dog is actually levitating." —Kristin

A very, very important part.

"My dog Ellie makes everything awkward." —Leslie

But not as much as the perfect attire! Because that makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

"We played dress up with some classic '70s furs. We look so chic." —Jason

Capture the magic of the holidays with Google's new Pixel phone, for years of good-natured mockery to come. 😂 But don't forget to make time to put your phone down for a while and #bepresent this holiday season.

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