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Paid PostSep 26, 2018

10 iPhone Xs Accessories You'll Want To Buy Right Now

All of these accessories are just as smart and cool as the iPhone Xs. Get it all now at Verizon.

1. It's a no-brainer: AirPods and the iPhone are a match made in heaven.

And these babies are smart. They know when you're talking (so you can ask Siri for some help), and the audio automatically stops when you take them out.

2. Snag the Belkin BOOST UP CHARGE Power Bank 10K with Lightning Connector before you find yourself with a dying iPhone and no power outlets in sight.

It can give your iPhone Xs up to 70 extra hours of battery life!

3. A great case for your new iPhone is an absolute must. Check out the seriously adorbs kate spade Defensive Hardshell Case for protection with designer flair.

Just try not to get too distracted by the sparkly gems and gorgeous floral design.

4. You might also like the Speck Presidio V-Grip Case, which has a translucent back to show off the beauty of your iPhone Xs.

It's not just pretty, though. It has a ridged, no-slip perimeter and is built to survive drops from up to 10 feet.

5. Or the Tech21 Evo Check Case, which guards your iPhone Xs with protective technology without compromising style.

It absorbs, repels, and dissipates potential shock damage and has raised bezels to ward off scrapes and dings.

6. But if you're looking for some superhero strength, the OtterBox Defender Series Case will back you up in case your iPhone Xs feels like tumbling down a mountain or something.

This bad boy has three layers of protection and can withstand the most rugged of environments (and the klutziest of iPhone owners).

7. Worried about scratching that beautiful Super Retina screen? The ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass+ has you covered.

It has tempered glass for maximum scratch protection and even repels natural face and finger oils to keep your iPhone's screen smudge-free.

8. Get the Grip All-In-1 (6PC) Universal Mount for safer, hands-free iPhone use when you're behind the wheel.

Its 360-degree rotating holster makes viewing super easy, and it mounts to your dashboard, windshield, air vents...basically anywhere.

9. Charging seriously can't be easier with the sleek mophie charge stream pad plus.

In a rush? This will charge your iPhone Xs at the speed of light while keeping it fully functional so you can call and use all your favorite apps while it juices up.

10. And make sure you stick the Verizon Lightning Power Bundle in your cart for a complete charging trio.

You'll get a 6,000 mAh Universal Portable Power Bank, Lightning Car Charger, and Qi Wireless Charger with Fast Charge Wall Charger so you can stay charged wherever you are.

All images courtesy of Verizon.

Get the iPhone Xs and the accessories that complete it, all at Verizon.