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13 Of The Most Incredible Everyday Wins

Some things are just worthy of celebration.

1. When you open that ice cream pint, and there's actual ice cream in there and not frijoles:

2. When you're in a hotel, and the Wi-Fi is free:

3. When it's cold and rainy, but you realize you have chocolate Abuelita en la despensa:

4. When you find old pizza in your fridge, and it's still good:

5. When you get to work super late and notice your boss isn't even in yet:

6. When your mom sends you a care package, and it's literally all homemade tamales:

7. When you're at a club, and suddenly they blast some classic reguetón:

8. When you're about to head out to get fast food but smell your roommate making tacos de asada:

9. When you're feeling hella broke and find money in your jean pockets:

10. When you get to the karaoke and see there's a Spanish song book:

11. When you realize you've paid over 50% of your student loans:

12. When football season is over, but you remember there's soccer going on somewhere in the world...

13. And when you're hungry at 3 a.m., and you remember taco joints are always open late:

Winning feels good.

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