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10 Reality Check Moments For Anyone With A Phone

Ever feel like your phone is working against you? If so, you've probably had a phone #RealityCheck moment. Verizon wants you to know that you should be able to rely on your phone when you need it most.

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1. That time your perfect Instagram moment took forever to load.


You check the next day to see everyone's likes and comments, but they never happened!

2. That time you missed your train stop because the transit site didn't load in time.


You were already running late too. Never fails.

3. That time your email about running late never made it to your boss.


And consequently you never received your boss's email asking why you were late.

4. That time you couldn't share how awesome that concert was in real time.


Overloaded network? Come ON, it's the 21st century for crying out loud!

5. That time you gave up waiting for that video to finish buffering.


Sometimes the buffering wheel is just a bit too much to handle.

6. That time the concert tickets were sold out before you even got the captcha to load.

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You were so close, yet so far.

7. That time you experienced email overload because your phone only works in spurts.

8. That time your streaming music lagged as you were singing along.


It was at karaoke night too.

9. That time you couldn't untag yourself in that photo from last night before Mom saw it.


This does NOT bode well for getting help with those student loans.

10. That time you weren't able to check your account balance before making a purchase.


That's why we have overdraft protection.

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