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Valentine's Day Around The World

Valentine's day has almost arrived. The holiday beginning in Western World has spread across the globe to countries all over the world. Due to the popularity and commercialization of Valentine's day, almost every nation celebrate the day, making February 14th a worldwide holiday. However, cupid's love arrow never strikes the same way. In other words, each nations has their own customs and traditions to express love and make commitments. So now, let's take a look the unique and romantic traditions from around the world

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#1 Bulgaria


On the 14th of February Bulgarians celebrate the day of St. Trifon Zarezan. This holiday is related to the Thracian god of the wine – Dionysius. The pagan customs messed with the Orthodox traditions and people invented an amusing legend about Trifon Zarezan.

#2 Romania


Dragobete is a festive Romanian holiday that is associated with love and the arrival of spring. According to myth, Dragobete was the son of Baba Dochia, a woman who marks the return of spring. The day is also known as “the time when birds are betrothed” because during this time of year, birds generally build their nests and mate.

#3 South Korea


Rather than the catch-all holiday it is in the rest of the world, on Valentine's Day in Korea women give chocolate to men as a sign of affection. Traditionally, men that receive these gifts will give a gift in return the following month on White Day.

#4 Argentina


The “Sweetness´ Week” is the first week of July, from 1st to 7th July. It was established in 1989 in Argentina as a result of the advertising campaign “a candy for a kiss” created by the brand Arcor. It was part of a marketing strategy to increase sales. The slogan of this particular week is a candy for a kiss. Today the Week of Sweetness is a traditional and very popular week among Argentines. Each July 1st we can see on newsstands and candy stores posters promoting this event. But this story is not all just about candy; is true that during the week of sweetness what is proposed is a chocolate gift for someone, but also encourage tender gestures toward animals and people around us, as well as creating enjoyable environments in workplaces to enjoy event fully.

#5 St Valentin, France


uring the St. Valentin Festival, the whole place is decked out with flowers (red roses being the favorite) and the Garden is open for business. You can get married in the garden gazebo, pin your love notes on the Tree of Vows, plant a tree that will hopefully flourish or commemorate your love on the Tree of Eternal Hearts.

#7 China


Numerous traditions are held on the Qixi festival. Young girls compete in different kind of folk art like for example melon carving. They also make a wish for a good husband. On the Qixi people make a garland like ornament and the single or newly married women in the household make an offering to Niulang and Zhinü. The offering includes fruit, flowers, tea and some powder makeup. After the ceremony half of the powder is thrown on the roof and the other half is divided among the young women who made the offering. By the doing so the women get a chance to become beautiful as Zhinü.

#8 Czech Republic


The celebration of May has been a Czech tradition for centuries. There is a widely spread custom of kissing your love under a blooming cherry tree or birch. Legend says that a girl who is not kissed would wither and die in twelve months.

#10 Wales


it’s the most romantic day of the year in Wales. We exchange cards and gifts, gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes over candlelit dinners, take long walks on deserted beaches, run through meadows in slow-motion while holding hands, carve lovespoons, cwtch up in front of roaring log fires, and put on our smartest underwear

#13 Valencia, Spain


he 9 de octubre celebrates the Region of Valencia Day, but also the feast of San Dionisio, traditionally considered the saint patron of lovers. During this day as custom marks, men gives their sweethearts a silk scarf which has inside a delicious assortment of sweet marzipan

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