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10 Vintage Swimsuits You Can Actually Wear This Summer

Um, can we get all of these? No matter which decade inspires you most — or how much skin you show — stay smooth with Veet!

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1. 1890s

During the late 19th century, people flocked to the oceanside — and while women's bathing suits were heavy and covered a lot of skin, this costume by Janice Louise Miller finds a beautiful balance between Victorian aesthetics and modern fashion.

3. 1920s

The Roaring Twenties weren't all about jazz, champagne, and flappers — there were wool bathing suits too. If you're lucky enough to find an original one-piece like this one, you'll definitely be the the cat's meow. Thank God for adjustable neck straps!

4. 1930s

Handmade with soft nylon, the Minnie Suit from the Bettie Sue Boutique is a darling one-piece with slimming style lines and a classic thirties-inspired bow in the center bust. And c'mon, that navy polka dot pattern just screams summer, doesn't it?

5. 1940s

The zipper took a few years to reach the modern bathing suit — everything was so much easier! Hidden in lovely red paneling, the zipper closes the back of this swim playsuit, while a drawstring in the bust sits under a lovely triangle pennant trim.

7. 1960s

Ah, the sixties: peace, love, and far-out swim dresses like this one! Groovy flower pattern aside, this open-back swimsuit from Catalina California is actually pretty functional with dual-button adjustable straps. Those colors though — outta sight!

8. 1970s

Brown usually isn't a go-to color for summer outfits, but this mocha-colored bathing suit from Rose Marie Reid looks exceptionally wonderful. Pair the swimsuit with giant sunglasses and a floppy sunhat, and you're ready to hit the beach — right on!

10. 1990s

You can lounge like it's 1994 again with this rad grunge-inspired one-piece. While it's faux layered at the top, this swimsuit is, like, authentic, man — how many plaid bathing suits have you seen with buttons? Perfect for an angsty day at the beach.

No matter which decade inspires you most, you can stay smooth with Veet!