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12 Reasons Why Selina Meyer Would Make A Good President

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1. Selina has a healthy amount of self-confidence.

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Which is something you really want in a leader.

2. She genuinely cares about her constituents.

3. She makes being responsible look good.

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Now that's inspiring.

4. She's got the public speaking thing in the bag.

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5. Seriously. She knows how to motivate the people.

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What a boss.

6. She's bilingual.

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What can't she do??

7. Selina really understands teens of today.

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And is a big hit with a certain green party.

8. She's unstoppable.

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Which is super important when it comes to running the country.

9. And she knows how to get the job done.

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10. She doesn't crumble under pressure, even when she's not looking her best.

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11. See? She can (almost) always keep her cool.

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12. And she's crashing through the glass ceiling (and door).

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So get used to hearing "Ms. President".