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11 Things Your IT Person Is Tired Of Hearing

Trust us, as a company filled with fellow IT pros, Veeam extremely relates.

1. "I'm totally computer illiterate!"

2. "I clicked on the link."

3. "It won't turn on."

4. "It's still not fixed."

5. "What do you mean WHICH data port is malfunctioning?"

6. "Sorry for bugging you."

7. "Can you hack stuff?"

8. "Have you heard of this thing called 'the cloud'?"

9. "Hey, you busy?"

10. "It 'mysteriously' stopped working."

11. "It doesn't back up files automatically?"

Give your IT person a break for once. With 24/7/365 access to data for customers and executives, Veeam is there to work through the struggle with you.