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11 Things Your IT Person Is Tired Of Hearing

Trust us, as a company filled with fellow IT pros, Veeam extremely relates.

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1. "I'm totally computer illiterate!"

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It's amazing how everyone always goes to great lengths to tell IT how bad they are with computers. You're all fine!

2. "I clicked on the link."

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Everyone makes mistakes, but clicking links from phishing emails can really make it a rough day for your IT person.

3. "It won't turn on."

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Some basic troubleshooting on your own makes things a lot easier for your IT person.

4. "It's still not fixed."

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Make sure you give clear directions the first time you send someone to the server so they don't have to keep coming back.

5. "What do you mean WHICH data port is malfunctioning?"

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6. "Sorry for bugging you."

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Your IT person probably has like a hundred of these requests per day, so you're not bothering them. Just get on with it so that they can get on with their job.

7. "Can you hack stuff?"

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Not everyone who works with computers is Mr. Robot.

8. "Have you heard of this thing called 'the cloud'?"

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It's likely the person who deals with computers every day knows what "the cloud" is.

9. "Hey, you busy?"

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If you work in IT, you're basically always busy.

10. "It 'mysteriously' stopped working."

Just tell your IT person what happened. No judgment — they're just trying to do their job.
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Just tell your IT person what happened. No judgment — they're just trying to do their job.

11. "It doesn't back up files automatically?"

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Always back up your files.

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