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8 Charts That Accurately Describe Every Type Of College Basketball Fan

These are all the sports statistics you need.

1. The Charitable Alumnus


2. The Evolution Chart of Basketball Fans

You can't truly reach your final form until you're rooting for your alma mater 10 years after you graduated.

3. The Bandwagoners

True fans appreciate the calvary, but also where were these people during the actual season?

4. The Non-Fan Who Was Clearly Dragged to the Viewing Party

And if the cute animal mascot has a signature dance? Lifelong fan.

5. The Statistician

It's almost as if normal people don't appreciate the value of a player's rebound margin.

6. Mr. March

*looks at calendar* "So I'm free...basically all year except for the entire month of March."

7. The Dunk Appreciator

Plz. Dunk. Every. Time.

8. The “Back in the Day” Harkener

Weird how your undergraduate years are always coincidentally the team's "golden years."

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