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Kids Who Are Tougher Than Any Man

Just because something is small, doesn't mean it's weak. As the new Vauxhall ADAM ROCKS AIR knows, the smallest things can be the toughest.

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1. The baby who did a massive stair-slide for a cool drink of milk:

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2. The baby who masterminded the kid version of The Great Escape:

3. The baby that blatantly lifts:

4. This bodybuilding kid:

5. The baby who could take a full Hadouken:

6. The baby who can do more push-ups than you:

7. The child who can do something you never could:

8. The baby who was raised by cats:

9. This tiny Jedi:

10. The baby who didn’t even blink during this cheeky monkey’s antics:

11. This rocking kid:

12. The kid who did this – then went back for more!:

13. The child who is certainly part spider:

14. The kid who can deadlift:

Something else that's small but tough…

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The Vauxhall ADAM ROCKS AIR: a small car that's as tough as they come.