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13 Ways Your Grandad's Generation Was Tougher Than You

Think you’re hard? Try stacking up to the men of yesteryear – when being a tough guy was a full-time job. A blast from the past, brought to you by the Vauxhaull ADAM ROCKS AIR: the toughest of them all.

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2. Their moustaches were for life, not just Movember.

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Two striking workers wait the outcome of the negociations between the strikers' joint comitee and the representatives of Polish governement, at the gate of Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk, 25 August 1980. Some 17 000 workers staged there a strike and barricaded themselves during 18 days under the leadership of Lech Walesa.

3. And they just grew beards because they wanted to, not because they were hipsters proving they could.


Three South Africa air force men displaying the luxurious beards they grew to participate in the Boer Voortrekker celebration in honor of their country's early Dutch settlers.

(They still amused themselves while shaving but the "Tom Selleck" and "Hulk Hogan" hadn't even happened yet.)


Three South Africa air force men at the end of Voortrekker celebration honoring the country's early settlers, displaying their half-shaved off beards which they grew to participate in the event's pageant.

4. They used to shave with actual razors, which are basically just knives; who are they kidding?

Time Life Pictures / Contributor / Getty Images

A survivor of the SS Zam Zam shaving aboard the German prison ship Dresden. (Photo by Time Life Pictures/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

8. They would actually fix things instead of giving up and buying a new one.

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They'd have one pair of shoes, and if they broke they'd just be like, "Oh, they're not THAT broke," and sit them by the fire in an attempt to melt the broken sole back together. Ask your grandpa. He did this.

11. They used to have physically tough jobs carrying things and pushing things and building things.

The LIFE Picture Collection/Gett Grey Villet

That's way harder than just writing stuff on the internet every day.

Your grandad's generation was tougher than you, but Vauxhall ADAM ROCKS AIR is tougher than them.

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