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13 Ways Your Grandad's Generation Was Tougher Than You

Think you’re hard? Try stacking up to the men of yesteryear – when being a tough guy was a full-time job. A blast from the past, brought to you by the Vauxhaull ADAM ROCKS AIR: the toughest of them all.

1. There were still places to discover, and they just marched out there in their big old-timey boots and discovered them.

2. Their moustaches were for life, not just Movember.

3. And they just grew beards because they wanted to, not because they were hipsters proving they could.

(They still amused themselves while shaving but the "Tom Selleck" and "Hulk Hogan" hadn't even happened yet.)

4. They used to shave with actual razors, which are basically just knives; who are they kidding?

5. Only the poshest people had inside toilets. For everyone else it was a bit like...:

6. They wore one shirt all the time and just changed the collar.

7. They had to jump on moving steam trains to get to work.

8. They would actually fix things instead of giving up and buying a new one.

9. There was no online dating; they actually had to go up to women like:

10. They had two television channels, and they bloody loved it.

11. They used to have physically tough jobs carrying things and pushing things and building things.

12. Their attention spans were so great they could do several things at once.

13. They. Had. NO. WI-FI.

Your grandad's generation was tougher than you, but Vauxhall ADAM ROCKS AIR is tougher than them.

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