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Chase Your Dreams And Find Yourself

What does it mean to chase your dream? So many people in the world today are chasing something but are they really chasing their dream? Think about it. In this article, I’ll share my insights into the matter but I must warn you I may peel the bandage off your wound and it may sting a little. But know that I do it with love because I want you to gain the benefit that comes from working through the pain.

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The incongruence of your life

I don’t live inside of the city because I purposely said in my heart that I don’t like living inside of the city. I was born a city boy but once I moved out of the city I realize I could not go back to living inside of the city. I have structured my life in such a way that I do not need to go into the city except on rare occasions. I make no apologies for this. My dream is to live outside of the city and I chased that dream would all intensity.

It is Steve Harvey that said in a video, “sometimes you just gotta take a leap.” He said sometimes your parachute won’t open right away and you may find yourself bumped up against the rocks and bruised up but you can’t give up. Eventually your parachute will open and you will begin to soar. I find that I do agree with this concept which he expressed.

You see as long as you are living your life choosing the safe way which allows you to survive but which is totally in opposition to the attainment of your dreams, then you are living in a state of incongruence daily. You’re living a lie and you’re lying to yourself. You’re lying to the one person in this world that you should always be truthful with no matter what.

Incongruence equals failure

It is living daily in the state of incongruence that is causing many people to fail and fail, time and time again. Think about yourself. If you say you want to lose 25 pounds and yet you’ve made no changes to your diet, your exercise routine, or your daily habits, then you are living in a state that would guarantee your failure to achieve this goal.

I knew a woman one time who told me she didn’t want to get pregnant. She didn’t believe in taking the pill but she and her husband use other forms of contraception. I also explained to her the natural rhythm cycle which I believe is very effective. I advised what days would be off-limits for her own safety. In less than a year she informed me that she was pregnant again. I was dumbfounded momentarily. I asked her how did this happen. Her reply was the condom broke. I told her that if she had followed my advice and avoided her fertile days, a ruptured condom would be a non-issue. She said one thing but did the opposite by putting herself in the middle of a situation that resulted in the exact outcome she had told me she did not wish to have.

What about you? What is that dream and desire in your heart that you’ve chosen to shelve in exchange for some semblance of security?

Time doesn’t just heal all wounds

You’ve heard it been said that time heals all wounds. This is true. But time also does something else. It causes a person to forget the ambition and the dream which motivated them in the first place. Yes, if you give it time that too will pass. It’s like the person who feels hungry now but is so busy working that they forget to eat until two hours later and then they realize they don’t feel as hungry anymore. If you give it time even the biological urge to eat can subside. But that urge can never completely be eliminated because at some point down the line your body will crave food again. And it is exactly like that with your dreams and aspirations. Are you feeling a bit like a failure? Don’t worry, there is enough time for that feeling of failure to pass. Then you can accept the failure with ease and comfort if you so desire.

Chasing your dreams to find yourself

One of the reasons I believe it is so utterly important to chase your dreams is that it allows you to connect once again with the deepest part of your heart and soul. You can reconnect again with the childhood innocence and purity of focus that enabled your dream to be revealed to you in that moment. Maybe time has made you forget it but it is never completely lost.

Perhaps you can start with why you’re here on this platform. You know in your heart that your intention was to connect with others in a way that was meaningful to you and them. Are you achieving that? What has stopped you? What fear or doubt or anxiety has gotten in the way of you pursuing your dream? Is there an easy way to realign yourself with your purpose for being here in order to allow you to pursue your dream?

Yes, I believe there is. And I can share it with you if you truly want it. You can chase your dreams and truly find yourself. Until next time continue to learn and grow.

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