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    18 Items On Sale This Amazon Freedom Day To Use All The Space In Your Small Bedroom

    Let your bedroom spark joy in your life!

    1. Create seating AND some storage with this ottoman that can easily fit some cushions, bags or books, to make your bedroom much more organised - ₹1,004 (MRP: ₹1,229)

    A person using the ottoman to store toys

    2. Make full use of those deep, long drawers in your wardrobe while never letting an ironed piece of clothing tumble under the pile and get crushed with these stacked clothing organisers - ₹399 (set of 2) (MRP: ₹799)

    3. Super versatile and useful, this bedside caddy will keep all your bedside items stored neatly and at arm’s length. Get easy access to your glasses, books, laptop when you’re winding down for the night - ₹590 (MRP: ₹999)

    4. This zigzag floating wall mount corner shelf is perfect to make use of all the space you have, without crowding the room. Use it as a bookshelf, put some indoor plants or decor to give your room the vibe you want - ₹999 (MRP: ₹3,000)

    The corner zig-zag shelf with books and other stationery mounted above a desk with a lamp and notebook kept open

    5. These rectangular, zippered storage bags will protect your belongings from dust, moisture and moths and can be folded when not in use, making them super-convenient to have at home - ₹1,112 (set of 4) (MRP: ₹2,799)

    6. These adjustable shoe slots will organise all your shoes using half the space and make it easier for you to find what you're looking for, without making a mess in the process - ₹1,099 (set of 12) (MRP: ₹2,400)

    Shoes being placed in the shoe organiser in square shelves. The organisers are designed to store one shoe on top of the other.

    7. This acrylic 4-drawer and 16-compartment cosmetics and jewellery organiser will help keep all your makeup and brushes neatly stored, while saving you a ton of counter space as well - ₹799 (MRP: ₹1,999)

    8. Perfect if you’re going for a boho-chic vibe, this macrame wall hanging shelf will serve the dual purpose of adding some functionality and beauty to your room - ₹790 (MRP: ₹2,599)

    The white macrame wall hanging shelf with books, a potted plant and a clock placed on it

    9. This closet organiser with detachable boxes makes for a great addition if you’re short in closet space (who isn’t?). Easy to assemble, you can use it as shelves or keep it as it is to store linen, shoes, bags or just about anything you can’t fit into your wardrobe - ₹1,459 (MRP: ₹3,100)

    10. This super functional wall hanging dressing table and mirror can save you a lot of time every morning while you get ready because it has a long mirror, shelves to keep all your daily use products and some hooks as well - ₹5,299 (MRP: ₹8,599)

    11. Organise your inner wear drawer with this adjustable, honeycomb organiser. It’s excellent for keeping your underwear, ties or socks in order to make the best use of the space you have - ₹251 (MRP: ₹799)

    12. These foldable storage cubes will stow away those little knickknacks, linen, books or other items you don’t require daily. They fit under the bed or your desk as unobtrusively as possible - ₹1,199 (set of 6) (MRP: ₹2,500)

    13. Do messy drawers where you can’t find anything make your skin crawl? Use these adjustable drawer dividers that will create neat compartments, helping you organise and compartmentalise like a pro - ₹798 (pack of 4) (MRP: ₹1,199)

    The same drawer shown before and after being organised with adjustable drawer dividers - filled with makeup products.

    14. This intersectional, stylish, floating wall shelf won’t take up too much wall space and will serve as a great option to add some personal touches to your bedroom - ₹699 (MRP: ₹1,999)

    15. This door hanging 4-pocket organiser works wonders for anyone in a small or shared bedroom. Just hang it over the inside of your bathroom or bedroom door and store those items you need regularly, without cluttering your room - ₹689 (MRP: ₹999)

    16. This functional yet stylish black steel grid is wall mountable with shelves to become the ideal addition to your bedroom! Pinup some great photographs, collected items, potted plants or some stationery to complete the look - ₹1,549 (MRP: ₹3,499)

    17. This set of 4 drawer organisers will make maximum use of any space while making it so easy to find small items like socks, handkerchiefs, underwear or ties, instead of digging through a mountain of garments, especially when you’re already late - ₹669 (MRP: ₹1,300)

    18. This 6-shelf wardrobe organiser is a boon for anyone with insufficient wardrobe space. Store your clothes, inner wear, shoes, bags or any other items you need handy with this foldable, sturdy space saver - ₹469 (MRP: ₹999)