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    16 Items To Set Up The Perfect Car Date This Monsoon

    ♫ Tip tip barsa pani ♫

    1. This beautiful blue and white cotton throw blanket is a must when you’re heading out for a picnic date, or to be cosy inside the car. It will also look amazingly Instagrammable as you set up your meal for two - ₹499

    A blue throw with broad white panels and tassels.

    2. This cute bamboo picnic basket will hold all the food and cutlery for your date! It’s spacious enough for a meal for two and has a lid to protect the eatables till you want to lay them out - ₹1,399

    3. The LED lightbox with changeable letters is battery powered and such a cute addition to your car date. Go that extra mile for your partner and make them feel so special - ₹619

    A light box that reads 'Find joy in the ordinary'

    4. These battery-operated 10 m long fairy lights are great to spruce up any meal setting, especially for your date night under the stars - ₹289

    5. Nobody likes the mouldy and damp smell that invariably invades all our cars during the monsoon, so invest in this car air freshener and you never have to be embarrassed in front of the person you’re trying to impress - ₹261

    6. This bullet car charger has 3 USB ports and ensures all your devices are juiced up so that nothing can come between you both and a great time (especially not a dead phone battery with the perfect playlist queued up)! - ₹249

    7. This cute, round wooden platter is perfect to serve the delicious food you’ve taken along or even as a grazing platter with the appetisers before dinner - ₹399

    8. This height-adjustable folding table is compact and easy-to-carry along on any outdoor date and perfect as a lap table or a standing one. It can be used as a study table or a side table indoors too - ₹2,300

    9. Remember to stay hydrated with these 1-litre bottles that you can carry fresh juice or iced tea in - ₹318 (set of 2)

    10. These remote-controlled, decorative car LED lights will amp up the interiors of your car instantly, creating a cool ambience, ideal for those long drives in the rains - ₹338

    11. This double-walled stainless steel ice bucket is perfect to chill your drinks on the go. So go ahead, enjoy the weather, some scenic beauty and your partner’s company without worrying about the rest - ₹1,349

    12. This portable and adorable plastic cutlery set includes a spoon, fork and a pair of chopsticks. It's perfect for travel since it’s lightweight and takes up very little space - ₹200

    A pale pink cutlery set.

    13. Up for a romantic stroll through the drizzle? Don’t forget this large umbrella that protects you from the rain without either of you trying to butt your partner out for some shelter ;) - ₹399

    A large rainbow-coloured umbrella.

    14. This cute lap table with a cushioned base is perfect to set up the meal inside your car without dirtying it in the process - ₹679

    A lap table with a colourful mosaic design.

    15. Don’t let your posture suffer on those long drives and invest in this back support cushion for comfort and convenience - ₹1,349

    16. These mini trash cans with lids are ideal to not litter your surroundings or your car and can be easily stowed away out of sight inside the car - ₹231

    Two black mini trashcans.