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    15 Healthy Snacking Options That'll Keep You Going Back For More

    Healthy AND delicious!

    1. These baked Too Yum Veggie Stix come in a pack of 3 with flavours like dahi papdi chaat, sour cream and onion and chilli chatka to satisfy any mid-meal cravings - ₹60

    2. This True Elements baked granola is a quick and easy breakfast that you can have with some fresh fruit and yoghurt to create a filling and nourishing start to your day - ₹274

    3. These baked pizza sticks with a jalapeno dip work as a perfect healthy snack for movie night or if you have some friends coming over - ₹260

    4. This combo of 3 included baked Ragi chips, peri peri oats chips and baked bhakarwadi for those who love some desi snacks but want to avoid fried ones - ₹299

    5. The Whole Truth protein bars are great snacks on the go when you don’t have the time to cook. With no preservatives, added sugar or gluten, they have some tasty flavours like coffee, peanut, cranberry, peanut butter and coconut - ₹510

    6. These non-fried popped potato chips have all the goodness and none of the greasiness, now that's the perfect snack - ₹190

    7. These baked Snackible waffle chips come with a creamy chocolate dip and make for a great snack when you’re craving something sweet without racking up some major calories - ₹480

    8. A superfood globally, this combo of flavoured makhana is light, crunchy and so delicious. You can get it in pudina, peri peri and turmeric flavours - ₹479

    9. When you want to grab a quick bite in between back-to-back meetings or meals, these energy bars are high in protein and nutrition, with no added sugar and are available in great flavours like cranberry, dark chocolate and apricot - ₹360

    10. Ideal for everyone who loves a little sweet something post meals or with your tea/coffee, this gur chana is made from natural jaggery and instantly boosts energy, filling you up without any preservatives or artificial flavours - ₹242

    11. A great alternative to fried potato chips are these To Be Honest veggie chips are crunchy, delicious and are made with sweet potato and pani puri masala, peri peri and oregano and basil flavours- ₹310

    12. The Healthy Cravings Co jowar puffs in Indian spices, herbs and sun-dried tomatoes and cheddar cheese are slow-roasted, low in sodium, high on anti-oxidants and fibre. Try this crunchy and light snack the next time you’re feeling peckish - ₹450

    13. This roasted trail mix contains pumpkin, sunflower, chia, flax and watermelon seeds to create a snack that's extremely healthy, filling, rich in antioxidants and magnesium, and it also contains no added sugar or preservatives - ₹199

    14. The ultimate snack - these wheat-based, wafer-thin khakras are great savoury snacks and come in various flavours like chilli coriander, kasuri methi, jeera, kathiyawadi and salted - ₹325

    15. The Snackible Date and Almond energy balls are really the answer to your prayers when you have no time to eat but a growling stomach - ₹390