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The Three Most Exquisite(and Expensive) E-Juice Flavors

A quick internet search will bring up pages upon pages of e-juice for sale. All sorts of flavors abound, from strawberry to mint, and combined flavors like mint chocolate. But the following is a list of three flavors that really stand out above the others to me. Of course, the best flavors often cost the most money, but are worth it to enjoy and celebrate life with family and friends.

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3. Crème de la Crème by Phillp Rocke Grand Reserve

Priced at $24.99 (.83 per mL!) this is a special occasion e-liquid that should be reserved for celebrations. A more simple flavor than the other two, the Crème de la Crème is coffee and hazelnut. The simple flavor profile is wonderfully enhanced by aging in brandy barrels. The 10 week wait while aging is worth it though, the delicious Arabica coffee flavor mellows during this process and becomes an amazing taste to savor.

2. Castle Long Reserve by Five Pawns

Another incredible flavor is from Five Pawns. The Castle Long Reserve ($37.50 for 30 mL) is for the user who really wants a special and unique experience. Because it's only released periodically in small, unique batches, you have to be very quick to be able to purchase some of the limited edition juice. Aged in an old oak barrel, the vanilla notes are highlighted by the oak from the barrel, a wonderful bourbon, warm brown sugar, roasted almonds, and a delicious toasted coconut. This is a wonderful juice to enjoy – if you can get your hands on it.

1. Members Only by High Class Vape Co

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The Members Only, premium e-Liquid from the High Class Vape Company is one of best and outstanding e-juices(in my opinion). With notes of sugar cookie, a sweet and creamy ice cream, and fresh strawberries, it's sure to delight all who try it. The price is $29.99 and seems about right for such a wonderful flavor. It sounds like a sweet treat, but the flavors all mellow together and combine to create a wonderful taste in your mouth. The other two juices list can be bought from various places, but from my understanding "Members Only", can only be bought from High Class Vape Co - here

Most good things in life come with a higher price point, and these e-juices are no exception. Just like saving the good bottle of brandy for company, keeping one or all of these e-juices around is a wonderful way to entertain. Be sure to try one today as there's a flavor for every user. These exquisite flavors are something everyone can enjoy and are sure to impress even the most seasoned e-juice users.

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