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    People Are Calling Out Nicole Kidman For Hong Kong Quarantine Exemption

    Turns out, people don't love when celebs get special treatment.

    Nicole Kidman traveled to Hong Kong last week to film the Amazon series The Expats.

    Nicole in a textured strapless gown and diamond bracelets on each wrist at the Oscars
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    Hong Kong currently has strict isolation and quarantine rules due to the ongoing pandemic.

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    However, Nicole was granted a quarantine waiver by authorities, which has received some major backlash.

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    According to the South China Morning Post, the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau released a statement saying Nicole had been “granted permission to travel to Hong Kong with a quarantine exemption.”

    Nicole in a ruffled long-sleeved gown on the red carpet of the SAG Awards
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    They added that her filming work is “conducive to maintain the necessary operation and development of Hong Kong’s economy.”

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    As you may have guessed, some Hong Kong residents were less than thrilled about her special treatment.

    Nicole waving at an event
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    One person called BS on the claim that she's helping to maintain the Hong Kong economy.

    It’s bad enough that Amazon is backing two whole shows about the glam lives of HK expats while many HKers are trying to flee a crackdown. Now add quarantine exceptionalism for Nicole Kidman, who apparently helps "maintain" the HK economy. w/ @Jane_Li911:

    Twitter: @maryhui

    Another person contrasted the other issues going on in Hong Kong with Nicole's exemption.

    Normally I wouldn't give two shits about Nicole Kidman, but to see on the same day HKU students hauled to court over suicide condolences, contrasted with Kidman being flown in on a private jet and taken shopping, made me snap

    Twitter: @gongnui

    This person seemed to find the silver lining in the situation.

    Disgust at the special treatment given to Nicole Kidman seems to have united the local and expat communities in #HongKong for a change.

    Twitter: @kevinkfyam

    Nicole is still currently filming the series and has yet to address the backlash.

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