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Kim Kardashian Wore A Lace Dress To The Vatican, And Here's Why People Are Upset


Some would say that Kim Kardashian is the woman who single-handedly brought sexy back, but sometimes that isn't always a good thing.

Mega / GC Images

The reality star is currently in Rome and made a stop at the Vatican with Kate Moss.

During the visit, Kim was photographed rocking a beautiful lace cutout dress.


However, some critics have called the outfit a little "too sexy" for a visit to one of the most sacred locations on Earth.

Will / GC Images

This person thinks someone should have stopped her from entering wearing such attire.

You want to know how far we've fallen as a civilization? Kim Kardashian wore this to the Vatican. And no one stopped her from going inside.

Xpos / BACKGRID / Twitter: @Millions4Truth

Another person thought her outfit resembled "curtains in a street market."

Kim kardashian is a millionaire. She could have worn Dolce and Gabbana couture to visit the Vatican but chose to wear something made of cheap nylon net similar to the curtains in a street market.

Xpos / BACKGRID / Twitter: @sallywilts

This person talked about the strict dress code that is usually enforced at the Vatican.

@VaticanNews so every other woman on Earth has to cover shoulders in order to even walk into the Vatican. Yet @KimKardashian strolls in wearing see through toilet paper and all’s good?!? #oneruleforthem

Xpos / BACKGRID / Twitter: @W2jmf1

And this person called her lace dress flat-out "disrespectful."

How disrespectful of Kim Kardashian to show up at the Vatican with that outfit.

Twitter: @SusyDGlez

Kim hasn't responded to the comments, but from the looks of her Instagram, she's too busy enjoying all that Rome has to offer.

Kim Kardashian / Instagram: @kimkardashian

Love it or hate it, one thing is certain: Kim Kardashian is gonna keep doing her thing.


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