James Corden Is Getting Called Out For Making An Ageist Joke About BTS Fans And…Yikes

    When will celebs learn not to come for the fandoms?!

    James Corden got himself into a bit of hot water this week when he poked fun at the BTS army on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

    James in a dark-colored suit and tie

    The host posted and then later deleted a clip from Monday's show about BTS's visit to the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

    James sitting as he hosts his show

    "People say why are BTS there?" James remarked. "The world leaders have no choice but to take BTS seriously. At the end of the day, BTS has one of the largest armies on planet Earth."


    Twitter: @legendaryseok

    He continued with the joke, "Historic moment. It actually marks the first time 15-year-old girls everywhere found themselves wishing they were Secretary General of the United Nations António Guterres."

    A person taking a photo of someone else as they pose next to a mural of BTS

    Many in the army are mad because James has featured the band on the show many times, and they even dubbed him Papa Mochi.

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    The nickname comes from his relationship with bandmember Jimin, who is nicknamed Mochi.

    The army wasn't very happy about that joke, and many made it known they are no longer fans of Papa Mochi.

    BTS on stage

    One fan demanded an actual apology.


    Twitter: @agustdtae_

    Another said they wanted to get rid of his nickname, Papa Mochi.

    So we all agree we letting go of James Corden aka Papa mochi…. It’s about time

    Twitter: @chimintaee

    A different person said he used "BTS for clout."

    james corden is now in army's black book. he used armys and bts for clout idc

    Twitter: @tanseok

    A different person called it a "cheap joke" at the band's expense.

    Actually I’m still pissed about this. @JKCorden has had BTS on the show several times and said so many nice things about them. He also introduced them in the WSJ Mag Innovator award video, singing their praises, but threw all of it away to use them (and us) for a cheap joke. https://t.co/k96k7hXjq5

    Twitter: @modooborahae

    Someone else pointed out that he invited John Cena on the show to talk about his love of the band, and he's definitely not a 15-year-old girl.

    ah yes, James Corden interviewing a BTS fan, a famous fifteen year old girl.

    Twitter: @ccrrppkk

    Another clarified their UN visit was for the third time.

    jimin said: “I believe this is our second visit. Including our online address, this is our third visit to the UN. Now tell me how the hell they are unusual visitors??? I expected way better from James Corden.

    Twitter: @jeonslxut

    And finally, a different fan questioned why he came for them "unprovoked."

    James corden really just came and called us all 15 year old girls unprovoked

    Twitter: @jooniejadore

    So far, James hasn't made a formal apology, but either I, or the army, will keep you posted if he does.