Drake Credited R. Kelly As A Co-Lyricist On "Certified Lover Boy," And People Are Not Happy About It

    What a wild and chaotic songwriting choice.

    Drake's latest album, Certified Lover Boy, dropped on Sept. 3, and so did some of his fanbase after finding out he credited R. Kelly as a co-lyricist.

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    Obviously, fans are a little bit angry, considering, you know, everything that man has done.

    R. Kelly in an orange prison uniform and his hands behind him in a courtroom

    So, what's really going down? Well, R. Kelly is credited for the track "TSU" as a composer, alongside Justin Timberlake and T Mosley.

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    A lot of people are speculating that this is because Drake sampled an NSYNC song on the track, and according to Rolling Stone, "TSU" uses the same symphonic intro in R. Kelly's "Half on a Baby" single, leading to his composer credit.

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    Either way, fans are not very happy about it, and they've taken to Twitter to speak their minds.

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    Safe to say, a lot of fans were "disgusted" by his credit.

    Not #drake having a tattoo of Aaliyah on him while collaborating with the p3do R. Kelly on his new album #CLB on " TSU " track. Disgusting.

    Twitter: @georgiachas

    One person said this was a "terrible choice."

    @morcgreen Nah Drake didn't use lyrics from R Kelly. The sound of owls or strings from R Kelly's song is what is sampled on TSU. When a song a sampled, it falls under co-writers. That sound is not even necessary, they should remove it to remove R Kelly. He made a terrible choice

    Twitter: @Akhona_PQ

    A different person mentioned that this isn't Drake's first use of an R. Kelly song.

    Lmao. It's the 3rd time Drake has sampled and credited R. Kelly though. "Lose You" samples "Ignition Remix" "Since Way Back" samples "Clipped Wings". Then there's TSU that credits Kelly...

    Twitter: @DxnTabz

    Another person made the point that he could have chosen not to sample it, but he did it anyway.

    People are defending this R. Kelly credit, talking about “it’s a sample”... okay?????? So Drake chose to sample his work, knowing he’d have to clear it with R. Kelly, and that Kelly would get a check/royalties. He could’ve done away with the sample/track, he clearly doesn’t care.

    Twitter: @byDonnaJo

    One person took matters into their own hands before listening to the album.

    guys imma need to know which song drake wrote with r kelly before i take this album in pls so i know which song to block.

    Twitter: @oldlaraa

    Finally, one person suggested we get the Canadian police involved.

    So R.Kelly has a credit on TSU. Someone call the Canadian Police on Drake

    Twitter: @CJ12830

    I can't wait to see what Notes app apology Drake releases about this one! 👀