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What Horror Movies Are You Watching This Halloween Season?

Halloween isn't officially here, until you watch these scary movies.

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3. A nightmare on elm street

This movie is one of my all time favorites. It showcases that evil never truly goes away no matter what you do. Freddy a stripped wearing villain terrorizes young children in their dreams. You are never safe even sleeping.

5. Halloween

A slashes film that contains evil at its true core with the figure of Michael Myers. The film has garnered seven sequels and continues to be a cult favorite. It demonstrates that evil presents itself anytime/anywhere.

6. The Ring

Do not watch the movie tape or you will die in seven days. A creepy film centered around a young girl who will come out of the screen and kill you if you watch the video. This film has different twists and turns adding to its suspense.

7. The Descent

The film follow six friends as they travel through unmapped caves. Little do they know that these caves are crawling with flesh eating humanoids. They can't make a sound or else they'll be eaten alive.

11. The Conjuring

Ed and Lorraine Warren, paranormal investigators assist the Perron family who are experiencing paranormal activity. They must figure out what is the cause and put a stop to it or the family will be torn apart.

14. Hellraiser

The film revolves around the resurrection of Frank who opened the door to another dimension where the Cenobites are living in. Creatures that are mutilated and have varying degrees of human characteristics.

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