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    37 Unique Bits Of Homeware That Your Guests Might Just Want For Themselves

    "Oooooh... Ahhhhh" – your guests.

    1. This 'magic' chain will securely hold your wine bottle, and can be used as emergency entertainment if dinner with the in-laws isn't going *quite* as well as you'd hoped.

    2. Everyone will be wanting to know where you got this hand-knitted mermaid tail blanket from.

    3. You can put this sloth rug in pretty much any room in your house (multiple rooms are preferred, tbh).

    4. And the same goes for this rhino foot stool, which opens up to give you extra storage!

    5. It would be a bahhhh-d idea to NOT get this adorable toilet roll holder.

    6. This adorable touch lamp will bring a soft cosy glow to your bedroom.

    7. This pensive lil' table lamp will light up your book along with your heart!

    8. How cute and quirky is this wooden ornament that you can rest your glasses on?!

    9. These chilling stones will make you wonder why you ever bothered with ice! They're reusable, won't water down your drink as it chills, and come in an expensive-looking gift box!

    10. These avocado salt and pepper shakers will bring a smile to anyone's face.

    11. And this cast iron mouse is heavy enough to hold your door as well as prop up your books.

    12. Give your bathroom door a personal touch with this easy-to-remove sticker.

    13. These oversized buttons make for cute and unique coasters, which are big enough to fit your mugs and glasses comfortably.

    14. These teeny cactus magnets will jazz up your fridge.

    15. Store your makeup in style with this rotating cosmetics organiser.

    16. These double-walled coffee cups will keep your drinks hot while looking fancy AF.

    17. These mesh napkin rings look way more expensive than they are!

    18. And these rope curtain holders will add a touch of cosy-chic to your living room.

    19. This cast iron branch coat hanger will transform your hallway into a magical woodland.

    20. This colourful tapestry will give you a feature wall that your landlord won't hate.

    21. And this cotton bud holder will look so cute in your bathroom cabinet.

    22. Showcase your succulents in style with this rope plant hanger.

    23. This see-through shower curtain will make you feel like you're in a giant ice cube – and will still hide your bits and bobs.

    24. These light switch covers will add a bit of interest to - let's face it - probably the most boring part of your room.

    25. Any of my fellow Potterheads will know what's going down with these light switch decals.

    26. These fairy light clips will help you really show off your favourite photos and memories.

    27. And this flamingo light is a definite conversation starter.

    28. This rose-gold toned dimmable Edison lamp will add a rustic touch to any room.

    29. If you just can't get enough of Edison bulbs, show them off properly with this cage-style light shade.

    30. And this glamorous light shade has approximately 2,000 feathers to help bask your room in a soft glow.

    31. These little bird keyrings are magnetic, so they will sit securely in their little house and keep your keys safe.

    32. These cute cactus candles look so realistic they'll make people do a double take!

    33. And this adorable pug tea strainer will make tea time so much more fun.

    34. This avocado pillow is so soft and comfy, you'll want it in every size!

    35. This vintage-style rug looks so much more expensive than it is.

    36. This floating shelf will add a quirky touch to your bedroom decor.

    37. And finally, these delicate floating vases will make a huge impact!