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    43 Personalised Gifts That Are As Thoughtful As They Are Effortless

    Get extra brownie points with minimal effort.

    1. You can get someone special this customised map of the constellations over a specific place at a significant moment – like the place you met, or their birthday.

    2. This engraved wooden spoon is perfect for that friend who's gotten really into baking during lockdown!

    3. This monogrammed page corner bookmark is almost too cute to handle.

    4. Pretty much anyone would appreciate this personalised cheese board, which combines practicality with puns.

    5. And you can get your giftee this LEGO keyring that you can customise to look like them!

    6. The chocoholic in your life will LOVE this Galaxy bar which literally has their name on it.

    7. This heart-warming book will feel super personal to children experiencing Christmas during lockdown.

    8. These intricate colouring books can be customised with your giftee's name and are a great way for them to spend a moment of mindful relaxation.

    9. Your mate who always has their nose in a book will adore these leather tasselled bookmarks that are both stylish and practical.

    10. If they love Marmite (no judgement here) they can display this personalised jar with pride.

    11. Get this hilariously accurate mug for your friend that was chosen by the gym life.

    12. You can write a sweet and festive message for them on this cinematic light box sign.

    13. This personalised family tree print is one to cherish – and surprisingly cheap!

    14. Not sure what to get your musical pal? Look no further than these personalised guitar picks.

    15. This pretty toiletries bag is literally made for your beauty-obsessed friend.

    16. This cute P.E. bag is perfect for the kid in your life that always loses their stuff.

    17. This heat-changing photo mug will give them a nice surprise when they fill it up with their cuppa.

    18. This 100% natural scented candle that you can customise by name and scent looks really bougie.

    19. This floral initial print would make a beautiful addition to anybody's bedroom.

    20. If gin is your pal's favourite tipple, they're sure to love this luxe-looking engraved gin glass.

    21. This sleek throw cushion has a cheeky hidden message.

    22. This adorable personalised reindeer family bauble will make a lovely addition to their Christmas tree.

    23. And this hand-crafted wooden ornament is ideal for your pal who loves to commemorate every year – even the testing ones.

    24. Your friend that's seen every episode of Friends at least five times will appreciate this advent calendar that's full of cute accessories!

    25. Any child in your life will LOVE this personalised nursery rhymes book.

    26. And can we please take a moment to appreciate this absolutely adorable handmade teddy bear that you can add your own personal message to?

    27. This personalised bottle opener is sleek, stylish, and easy to carry around.

    28. You can engrave their name on this Parker pen, which comes already packaged in an expensive-looking gift box.

    29. You can get the sound waves of their favourite song printed for a subtle yet thoughtful gift.

    30. Kids and adults alike will be thrilled with these lil' personalised chocolate stocking stuffers.

    31. You can get really personal with this train ticket – add significant dates, names, and messages to document your combined ~journey~.

    32. This book locket conceals a secret message from you that they can take with them everywhere.

    33. You can engrave family members’ names around this sterling silver tree of life pendant.

    34. Add a cute picture to the front of this RFID-blocking wallet, with a more personal hidden message on the inside.

    35. This yellow submarine mug is perfect for your friend who loves The Beatles.

    36. You can get this personalised snack bowl for your gaming-obsessed mate who needs regular sustenance.

    37. This fancy-AF lantern is perfect for someone who has just moved into a new home.

    38. You can get this bougie customised grooming kit for your mate who loves their beard more than anything else in the world.

    39. This monogrammed mug has absolutely no right being so beautiful.

    40. You can't deny, this leather spanner keyring is pretty cool!

    41. Pretty much anyone would be delighted to receive this necklace that's customised with their name and birthstone!

    42. This little photo keyring is very sweet yet subtle.

    43. And finally, you can get these acrylic permanent paint markers to add a personal touch to any gift you’ve already bought!