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    17 Things To Help Turn Your Kitchen Into A Mini Coffee Shop

    *Tries latte art once*...

    1. This duster with barista stencils to add a bit of spice to your (let’s face it otherwise very boring-looking) beverage.

    2. These fancy-looking coffee cups that will help keep your drink hot but not burn your hands.

    3. This set of reusable metal straws for your DIY cold brew.

    4. And this highly-rated matcha powder, if you prefer your lattes green and full of goodness.

    5. This hand-made whisk will make your matcha tea frothy rather than lumpy.

    6. These coasters will make your counter look cool when you’re not using them.

    7. Drizzle honey into your tea in style with this fancy honey dispenser.

    8. Some pumpkin spice coffee syrup, ‘cause pumpkin spice is what Autumn is all about, TBH.

    9. Use it with this syrup pump to get your PSL fix more quickly!

    10. And this set of Monin coffee syrups if you have too many favourites to choose from.

    11. Get the real deal with this Starbucks pumpkin spice flavoured ground coffee.

    12. This coffee machine is super highly-rated if you are a true coffee connoisseur.

    13. Or this much cheaper coffee machine, if you're after a no-frills coffee that still tastes amazing.

    14. Show off your coffee capsules with this revolving pod rack (warning: this can encourage colour-coordination on the verge of obsessive).

    15. Or this cute storage drawer if you want to tuck your pods away neatly.

    16. Use this milk frothing pitcher to really show off your latte art skills.

    17. And finally, this cold drink blender will help you make the BEST frappés in town.