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    27 Things That I, Someone Who Shops Online For A Living, Have Been Seriously Impressed By Lately

    These products caught my eye in a sea of hundreds, so you might just love them too!

    1. This genius self-grooming tool can be mounted onto the corner of your wall so your high-maintenance pal can pick a grooming time that suits them!

    2. These lil' leather organisers are great for keeping loose wires neat and tidy. They make a cute, personal, and surprisingly cheap gift for your tech-obsessed mate.

    3. Speaking of impressive presents, this fabric gift wrap has a cool design and is made from 100% cotton, so can be washed and reused time and again!

    4. This pillowcase colour-and-learn kit is great for entertaining bored kids during lockdown. The ink washes out completely, so it'll be ready for more out-of-this-world learning in no time!

    5. This no-contact keyring will help you keep your hands hygienic while you're out and about!

    6. This vitamin D spray has helped to increase my energy levels, which were *really* affected by a lockdown winter. It has a sweet minty taste and the spray application gets to work by permeating the soft tissue on the inside of your cheeks.

    7. This olive oil spray is specially designed to naturally soften and safely remove wax buildup in your ear without the need for any syringing. Simply spray it in once a day and any wax should fall out as you sleep!

    8. You can customise this sound wave print with the recipient's favourite song. It will make a thoughtful – and beautiful – gift for a loved one!

    9. This helping hand is probably the coolest way to store any random (but important) bits and bobs that I've ever seen!

    10. These stylish leggings are made using an anti-microbial sweat-wicking fabric, have flat seams to minimise chafing, and, most importantly, have pockets!

    11. I've loved drinking matcha for a while – it gives me an energy boost without the unwanted jitters I get with coffee – and this PureChimp powder tastes better than any others I've tried!

    12. These shark chopsticks are a fun and excellent way to teach your kid the perfect technique while they're still young.

    13. These teeny tiny photo frames are incredibly adorable – they're the perfect size to add a small personal touch to your desk!

    14. This lap desk is easy to use in bed for lazy days. It'll hold your phone, tablet, and laptop, and has space to store them away when you're done using them!

    15. Make bath time way more fun by adding this biodegradable powder that'll make the water crackle, pop, and change colour!

    16. These clever silicone lids will stretch over opened tin cans, jars, bowls, and even half-used fruit and veg to keep them fresher for longer!

    17. This personalised wellbeing pamper kit is a fab gift for new dads, who so often get forgotten about!

    18. Customers swear this hard-working lip balm helped their extremely dry, chapped lips when nothing else could! It's perfect for the bitterly cold weather we've been having lately.

    19. I injured my leg while running recently and this gel ice pack has helped immensely. It has an easy wrap-around design to hold it in place almost anywhere on the body, and the gel pack can be microwaved for a warming effect too!

    20. These faux pearl and moonstone hair clips look way more expensive than they actually are! They'll make you feel instantly more put-together with minimal effort.

    21. This midi dress has a universally flattering fit and flare style.

    22. The bright red colour of this ribbed cardi makes it feel really unique, while its timeless style will see you through years of chilly weather!

    23. This reusable laundry egg saves you money, reduces waste, and contains enough natural cleaning pellets to last for up to 210 washes – AKA a year's worth of washing for the average family!

    24. And (because I LOVE a satisfying storage solution) this handy laundry egg holder is the perfect accompaniment to your new purchase!

    25. While we're on the subject of satisfying laundry-related products, this collapsible laundry basket does the job and can be tucked away neatly.

    26. As an avid Friends fan, this lobster mug with a surprisingly large capacity makes me very happy.

    27. Finally, this marble-design ultrasonic diffuser is intensely soothing and far more beautiful than it has any right to be!