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    17 Things To Help Solve All Your Little Face Mask Problems

    Say goodbye to fogged-up glasses and achy ears!

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    In the UK it is now *compulsory* to wear a non-medical face covering when traveling on public transport, and in England this also applies to most public indoor spaces such as shops, banks, hair salons, transports hubs, and visitor attractions among other places. (Please bear in mind that rules in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland currently vary in some respects so it's important to check the guidelines for where you are specifically).

    So face masks have probably come to feature way more in your day-to-day life than you ever thought they would – and you might have noticed some unexpected problems that come with wearing them! So we've compiled a list of products that might just help...

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    1. This anti-fog spray will help to prevent the annoying mist buildup on your glasses that still manages to work its way around masks that are fitted with an adjustable nose wire!

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    The spray is actually intended for use whilst deep-water diving, so you know a lil' mask fog is gonna be no problem! The formula contains 0% alcohol, making it gentle enough to use around the eyes – simply spray the solution onto your lenses and let it dry completely before rinsing. I'm guessing it'll come in even more handy as the weather turns colder, too!

    Price: £6.99

    2. These adorable crochet mask extenders will help to protect your ears and are easy to pop into your pocket.

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    You just need to hook the elastic loops around each of the buttons on these lil' hand-knitted beauties to prevent sore ears from prolonged mask use.

    Price: £3.00 each.

    3. And these face mask extender straps have multiple ridges so you can adjust your mask to fit your face perfectly.

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    Talk about a multipurpose hero! Not only do these protect your ears, they'll make your favourite face covering sit more comfortably. You can also wear the extender as low down as you like, making it more hairstyle-friendly.

    Price: £6.99 for six extenders – they come in six different colours.

    4. If you're after something more ~discreet~ then you can try these silicone toggles that'll let you adjust non-adjustable face mask straps!

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    They're really easy to fit with the included threading needles, and will give non-adjustable ear loops a drawstring-like fastening so they'll fit your head perfectly!

    Price: £5.89 for 120 toggles and four threaders.

    5. These pocket-sized face mask holders will keep your masks separate and clean whilst you're out and about.

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    If you like to change your masks over while you're out (e.g. if you're wearing a mask while exercising) or just want a safe and hygienic way to store them, these mask holders can be packed up neatly. They also come in different colours so you can tell them apart easily.

    Price: £6.27 for five.

    6. And this adjustable lanyard will give you an easy place to store your mask if you want to keep it close to hand.

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    So you won't have to worry about where to store your mask while you're not wearing it! The fastenings will clip onto pretty much any face mask loop and you can fit the attached mask to your face with one easy pull of the drawstring fastening.

    Price: £4.99 for two.

    7. These 100% cotton reusable face masks are soft, breathable, and gentle on the skin – making them ideal for preventing the dreaded ~mascne~.

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    If your skin is *really* sensitive, it'll appreciate the super soft material of these cotton masks! You should wash your masks after every use, and doing this will also help to prevent the bacteria buildup that can cause spots.

    Price: £11.16 for ten – they also come in white and black.

    8. These little acne patches will help to heal any spots that do form, and create an airtight seal to stop them from rubbing up against your mask.

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    The hydrocolloid technology used in these lil' guys creates the optimum conditions for your spots to heal. They also have a strong natural adhesive and lie flat on the skin, so they won't fall off under your mask!

    Price: £5.99 for 24 dots.

    9. And this extra strength acne cream is great for larger mask-induced breakouts!

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    'Mascne' can affect your skin in many ways – from friction-induced redness to full-blown breakouts due to clogged pores and the buildup of bacteria. This moisturiser uses natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients like salicylic acid to calm the skin and treat any spots.

    Price: £8.87

    10. If you have really sensitive skin, you can use this primer to create a barrier between the mask and your skin.

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    It creates a transparent shield over your skin which helps to protect it from pollution and bacteria. It also has a relatively high SPF of 25, to help you avoid the oh-so-attractive face mask tan lines.

    Price: £6.37

    11. These non-slip headbands are great for keeping your mask secure while you're exercising!

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    They're made from a durable material that offers high absorbency, so they'll keep sweat away from your face and hair while you work out!

    Price: £6.99 for three.

    12. This storage pouch fits most standard-sized face masks really well, and it even has space in the back to hold your card and keys!

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    Customers say it helps to keep their masks separate and safe, and the flexible design makes is easy to carry around!

    Price: £10.00 – it comes in seven different colours.

    13. This wearable fan will give you a boost of fresh air precisely where it's needed most!

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    Face coverings are essential right now, but let's be honest – they can get a little stuffy at times, especially in the warmer weather we've been having recently! This fan is rechargeable, doubles up as a standing desk fan, and – best of all – can be worn while running or exercising!

    Price: £13.99

    14. Let's talk about the elephant in the room for a moment: mask breath – it's (sadly) a thing. Avoid it with this handy breath spray that'll easily fit in your pocket.

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    It works to remove bacteria from the teeth and gums to keep your breath smelling fresh!

    Price: £2.62

    15. This clever box uses UV light to safely sanitise your face mask between uses – you can even use it on mobile phones and jewellery!

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    The UV light quickly eliminates microorganisms and bacteria in any nooks and crannies that you otherwise wouldn't be able to clean without a proper wash. The light sterilises the fabric in just three minutes, and you can even add a drop of your favourite essential oil to keep your mask smelling fresh!

    Price: £29.99

    16. These 100% cotton face coverings are gentle on the skin, super comfy, and specifically tailored to fit your lil' one's face.

    Amazon / Via

    Customers say they fit a range of children's ages well and are easy to wash – the colours are pretty cute, too!

    Price: £8.83 for a pack of five.

    17. Finally, pop this soft silicone frame under your mask to allow for easier breathing (and fewer lipstick smudges!)

    Amazon / Via

    The frame lifts the fabric of the mask away from your face, which is ideal if you find the material to be too heavy! They work best with masks that have a pleated design, so you can still fit the material securely around your face.

    Price: £15.99 for five.

    Just remember — masks are not a substitute for social distancing! You should still maintain the government-outlined distance between you and other people when possible, and continue washing your hands and avoiding touching your face. Stay safe!