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    32 Things You'll Probably Get So Much Use Out Of If You're As Clumsy As I Am

    Aaaaaarrrggghhh – me (and probably you), roughly 20 times a day.

    1. Some double-sided rug grippers which will hold those (unnecessarily slippery) rugs securely in place.

    2. An in-shower foot rest, which will hold your leg up so you can shave and scrub without the risk of slipping to your death (okay, getting a very large bruise) in the shower.

    3. A protection spray that will create a waterproof film over your clothes and shoes – making accidental stains and watermarks a thing of the past.

    4. A stain remover that's gentle (on delicate clothes), yet powerful (when it comes to stubborn stains) – just like granny.

    5. A super-strong carpet stain remover, which has a cleaning brush attached to get out even the darkest of red wine stains.

    6. An adorable (and discreet) mini vacuum cleaner that will help you get rid of the crumbs that somehow end up all over your desk.

    7. A pair of scissors that will help you finely chop your herbs (and not your fingers).

    8. And a stainless steel guard that you can wear as a ring to protect your fingers if you want to brave the old knife-and-chopping-board method.

    9. A heat-resistant silicone guard that wraps around the edge of your oven racks if you're always burning your arm as you take dishes out.

    10. A set of silicone-coated oven gloves, which end further up your arms than other styles for even more wrist protection!

    11. A phone ring so you can take endless selfies without having to worry about dropping your phone.

    12. If you still manage to drop your phone around 20 times a day: a ridiculously tough phone case with dual-layer protection, that's basically like armour for your phone.

    13. And for full phone protection, a tempered glass screen protector that will shatter instead of your screen upon impact. It comes in a pack of two, which you'll probably be grateful for in the long run.

    14. An anti-slip cup holder which will grip to any hard surface to stop you knocking your cup of tea over approximately five times a day.

    15. A washable keyboard cover to protect your laptop 'cause you can just never be too careful!

    16. A wearable nail polish holder, which will massively reduce the risk of you spilling dark red nail polish on your mum's cream carpet – again.

    17. An eyeliner with a stamp to give you the ~perfect flick~ with minimal effort (and minimal smudges).

    18. And some eyeshadow shields that will give you a guide for your perfect cat eye and stop the inevitable eyeshadow fallout from ruining your foundation!

    19. A leakproof water bottle with a fool-proof silicone lid, which won't 'accidentally' spill its entire contents into your bag.

    20. A reusable coffee cup that's ethically made from recycled cups AND has 360º drinking, which means you couldn't spill liquid from the wrong hole onto your face, even if you tried.

    21. We've all experienced that devastating feeling when you just know your beautiful new shoes are too slippery for your accident-prone feet to handle. Make them *actually* wearable with some rubber sole pads for extra grip.

    22. A good arnica cream will sort out out bumps and bruises in no time 'cause TBH, the truly clumsy will inevitably encounter some falls no matter how much they try to avoid them.

    23. Some pretty rose gold-coloured wine glasses that are made from stainless steel so are obviously - and necessarily - shatter-proof.

    24. A water-resistant tablecloth that will take on numerous dinner-party spills like a champ.

    25. An anti-spill silicone lid which you can use to stop your stove burner getting dirty, and also to steam your vegetables!

    26. A foldable chopping board that will give you perfect aim.

    27. Some stretchy silicone lids that fit pretty much any container or bowl and have a foolproof airtight seal to keep your food fresh and stop it from spilling everywhere.

    28. Some heat resistant gloves if using a curling iron still makes you uneasy since *that* incident... "I've been burned before" – you.

    29. A backpack with an anti-theft lock (like the kind you can find on your suitcase) to make you remember to close your backpack and keep your possessions safe.

    30. A non-slip bath mat with extra suction to avoid the otherwise inevitable drop in the tub.

    31. A timer plug socket to turn off your Christmas lights and chargers if you keep forgetting.

    32. And finally, a handy tool to help you reach all the lost-but-never-forgotten items that you dropped behind the sofa.