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    36 Small Things To Give Every Space In Your Home An Easy Makeover

    Make your home somewhere you WANT to spend all of your time.

    ✨ Bedroom ✨

    1. Drape these faux ivy vines over your headboard or walls to bring a touch of the outdoors into your room.

    2. And this intricate macramé plant hanger is great if you don't have a lot of floor or shelf space!

    3. This monogram door knocker is so pretty that your family *might* even use it before barging into your room!

    4. The light from your window will seep through this stained glass wall banner to bring a bit of colour to your room.

    5. Never underestimate the power of bedsheets in transforming your room – this gorgeous paisley-print set is reversible!

    6. Who needs a boring lamp when you can have an entire lit-up wall with these fairy curtain lights?!

    7. A non-boring lamp, however is still a bedroom staple – like this Moomin snorkmaiden mini one!

    8. Change your plain old wardrobe door knobs for these brushed brass ones for a quick and easy update.

    9. And these crackle glaze ceramic hooks will add a bit of ~class~ to your walls.

    10. If you've always wanted a brightly-coloured feature wall, you can now get one easily with this self-adhesive wallpaper!

    11. This quirky stand will keep your headphones in safe hands.

    ✨ Living room ✨

    12. This exposed-bulb lamp will basically go with everything.

    13. And cluster a few of these tea light holders together for an effortlessly chic addition to the room.

    14. You'd be quackers to not get this mini duck plant pot!

    15. These botanical leaf prints are a great space-filler for that annoyingly bare spot on the wall.

    16. If you like your flowers and your ornaments more ~au naturel~ might I recommend this vase?

    17. You can store your jurassic ferns in this dinosaur plant pot – regular succulents work too, I guess.

    18. These scented candles are so pretty, they basically double up as decor!

    19. This personalised poster will look great on your wall and proudly displays your favourite song!

    20. And you can write your own personal message with this neon sign!

    ✨ Kitchen ✨

    21. Jazz up your boring kitchen tiles with minimal effort by applying these gorgeous tile stickers.

    22. This floral table runner will make your dining table fit for an Easter banquet – even if it's just for your immediate family!

    23. And these gold-tone salad servers will take your family dinner from bleak to chic.

    24. Add a bit of interest to a plain kitchen wall with this quirky piece of wall art.

    25. And you can write out the daily menu on this fancy letter board to feel like you're eating out rather than in!

    26. Turn your kitchen into your favourite coffee joint with this Central Perk light that every Friends fanatic needs to own!

    27. And this adorable lobster wall clock is a more subtle way to show your fandom!

    28. This bistro spice jar looks like it should belong in an expensive restaurant.

    29. Present your fruit or snacks in style in this hand-crafted colourful bowl.

    ✨ Bathroom ✨

    30. This quirky print is all too relevant right now!

    31. And this chic matte pink soap dispenser and storage set will help you wash your hands in style.

    32. This tile-design door hook will bring a bit of class to the bog.

    33. This diamond-pattern bathroom rug looks way more expensive than it is!

    34. And this no-frills bath mat gets pretty much straight to the point.

    35. This cotton-blend shower curtain will go with any style of bathroom decor.

    36. And finally, if you want to completely transform your bathroom floor, look no further than these rustic copper accent tiles!