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    26 Self Care Products If Your New Year's Resolution Is To Take More Time Out For You

    2021 is the year for more ~me~ time.

    1. If you've decided to take some time to build a ~proper~ skincare routine, this super highly rated vitamin C serum targets fine lines and uneven skin texture.

    2. Take a few minutes to reflect on your day by writing in this One Line a Day journal – when you've completed it you'll see just how much you've grown over the course of five years.

    3. This motivational water bottle has a cute design and drinking prompts to remind you to stay hydrated throughout the day.

    4. Use this soothing mask to treat your skin as part of your evening pamper session. It contains bentonite clay – among other 100% natural ingredients – to help unclog your pores and treat acne!

    5. Speaking of your pamper sesh, you can add this soothing jade ice roller into the mix. It reduces puffiness, helps to tighten pores, and improves blood circulation.

    6. There's nothing more soothing for your senses than a tea break! This 'wellness' tea selection includes infusions that have calming, sleep-inducing, and energy-boosting effects.

    7. This tea-for-one teapot and cup set has a gorgeous colourful design to brighten up your well-deserved cuppa.

    8. This clever roller ball has an ergonomic easy-grip design so you can take a massage break whenever you need to work out tight muscles and knots.

    9. These fab cards contain mindful challenges that you can work through day by day to reduce stress and help you feel more creative and productive.

    10. Take a few minutes each morning to feel more organised by planning out your day in this beautiful and detailed daily planner pad.

    11. This eco-friendly yoga mat has a non-slip surface and supportive cushioning effect to make your at-home yoga and exercise sessions as comfortable as possible.

    12. Apply one of these intensely moisturising sheet masks for a quick calming break. They all target different skin concerns depending on your needs and work out as under a quid each!

    13. This three-piece RITUALS bath and body set is the ideal treat for yourself! The gentle scents of cherry blossom and rice milk will make you feel like a new person every morning.

    14. And the same goes for these gorgeous handmade bath bombs that have a fun fizzing effect and are infused with essential oils to help you unwind.

    15. Whenever your day gets a bit hectic you can use this aromatherapy roller ball on your pulse points. The blend of sweet orange, balancing geranium, and warming nutmeg has a super soothing effect.

    16. Take some time out to start a mindful hobby with the help of this bonsai starter kit that comes with all the items you'll need to grow four stunning varieties.

    17. And you can create your own rays of sunshine with this grow your own sunflower kit that's guaranteed to put a smile on your face through every step!

    18. Place these empowering affirmation cards on your desk to remind yourself to think positive thoughts throughout the day.

    19. Create a cosy and calming nook to relax in by surrounding yourself with these gorgeous candles that release soothing floral scents.

    20. Spend some extra time in the shower or bath to treat your skin with this exfoliating brush. It has an ergonomic handle which makes it really easy to buff away any dead skin.

    21. And this facial massager brush uses electric vibrations and lil' silicone bristles to effectively remove makeup residue and give your pores a proper deep clean.

    22. If you've decided to dedicate more time to reading this year, might I suggest this empowering book? It's full of inspiring messages that you'll wish you had come across sooner!

    23. Treat yourself to this deeply indulgent Green & Black's organic chocolate selection that you won't have to share with anybody else!

    24. The Little Book of Daily Rituals is full of small acts of self care that you can complete to feel like the best version of yourself.

    25. Sitting, lying down, or standing on this acupressure mat for between 20-40 minutes stimulates your pressure points and helps you to feel more invigorated!

    26. Finally, give these stress balls a squish whenever you're feeling anxious or stressed. They have different strengths depending on your needs, and each ball releases its own calming fragrance when it's squeezed.