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    22 Reusable Things You Can Get To Help Reduce Your Waste

    Every little bit helps.

    1. This reusable straw is made from stainless steel, so it won’t wash away and harm our little turtle friends.

    2. With the help of these little lips, you can squeeze every last bit of toothpaste out of the tube.

    3. And you can use these tiny spatulas to get the unreachable (but oh-so-necessary) last bits of foundation.

    4. These reusable beeswax food wraps are the eco-friendly way to help your food last longer.

    5. And you can wash these bamboo kitchen towels up to 85 times!

    6. To help reduce your impact on the Earth’s landfills, invest in a menstrual cup (which will also save you so much money in the long run!)

    7. This vegan and cruelty-free face cleanser is packaged in reusable glass jar, and will last you AGES.

    8. You can wash and reuse these makeup remover pads, making them hygienic as well as eco-friendly.

    9. And these makeup remover cloths only need water to thoroughly remove your makeup.

    10. The multi-use wonder that is the muslin cloth: you can use these reusable cloths as nappies for your lil' one, to exfoliate your face, or to help cut down on your use of paper towels.

    11. You won’t be wasting toothpaste (or virtually any water) if you try cleaning your teeth with this miswak set.

    12. This ionic shower head increases your water pressure – but uses way less water than a regular shower head!

    13. If you’re always wasting paper, maybe it’s time to get a reusable smart notebook.

    14. Replace your disposable snack bags with these reusable ones.

    15. And use this fancy two-tier bamboo lunch box to store your leftovers.

    16. Show off your fruit and veg with these cute net shopping bags.

    17. Or if you’re after something more secure, this shopping bag is really sturdy.

    18. And these mesh bags are a plastic-free way to store your groceries when you get them home.

    19. This stainless steel water bottle will keep your tea hot and your water ice cold!

    20. And for extra environment-saving brownie points use this reusable cup – which is made from recycled cups.

    21. Put your food waste to good use with this cute and discreet compost bin.

    22. And finally, these timer plug sockets will help you to save energy and not overcharge your phone.