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    11 Products You’ll Probably Appreciate If You Wear Glasses

    Including a surprisingly cheap glasses holder!

    1. You can slide these ear hooks onto the back of your glasses to give them a much better grip.

    2. These mini glasses cleaners are really satisfying to use and are small enough to fit in your pocket!

    3. This handmade wooden glasses holder will jazz up your desk and make sure you don't lose your glasses every time you put them down.

    4. And this magnetic glasses holder will attach easily to your clothes so you don't have to worry about losing your favourite specs while on the go!

    5. You can use this Nerdwax to stop your glasses from sliding down your nose.

    6. And these non-slip nose pads will keep your glasses in a comfortable position.

    7. This cord lanyard will be a life saver if you're always losing your specs and like to keep them close to hand.

    8. And this adjustable safety strap is perfect for exercise and water sports!

    9. You can clip these blue-light-blocking glasses to your own frames to relieve tired eyes in the evening.

    10. And these clip-on sunglasses will work hard at blocking out the sun's harmful UV rays whilst (literally) staying on top of your preferred prescription.

    11. And finally, these highly-rated lens wipes are a must if you want streak-free, shiny specs!