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    18 Products With Such Incredible Reviews I Had To Try Them For Myself

    Spoiler alert: I don't regret a single purchase.

    1. This super cheap hyaluronic acid has become my go-to for an extra boost of hydration before moisturising.

    2. This non-slip yoga mat cover has made it so much easier for me to work out at home!

    3. This DIY lash lift kit is super easy to use, and trust me when I say it delivers!

    4. These self-adhesive pan lid holders really spoke to my clutter-phobic heart!

    5. This 'No Haircut' cream has been a saviour for my split end-prone hair.

    6. This cult-status Aztec Indian Healing Clay mask is *just* as intense – and effective – as reviewers promised!

    7. I take this small-but-mighty Bluetooth speaker with me wherever I go.

    8. This iconic cleanser really lives up to its highly-hydrating hype!

    9. These lil' drain-cleaning sticks help to keep my kitchen sink flowing freely.

    10. I didn't think I could make my at-home manicure process any quicker till I discovered this Instant Cuticle Remover gel.

    11. This ceremonial-grade matcha green tea powder gives me an energy boost without the usual jitters I get from coffee.

    12. And this yummy vitamin D spray has made such a difference to my mood and energy levels during this lockdown winter.

    13. Since I haven't been able to treat myself to a ~proper~ pedicure in quite a while, I turned to this foot file kit to get salon-standard results at home.

    14. I've almost run out of this affordable pink clay mask! It's soothing, hydrating, and the perfect pick-me-up on pamper days.

    15. Condensation buildup on my windshield was making me nervous to drive on colder days until this dehumidifier bag stepped in!

    16. And this sturdy magnetic phone holder is probably the most important car accessory I own.

    17. These bougie under eye masks make my eyes look more ~alive~ and have definitely improved my dark circles over time!

    18. Finally, this sleek grey office chair doesn't just look great, but has also massively helped with my posture and back pain!