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    28 Products To Solve Those Annoying Little Problems You Didn't Realise You Had Till Just Now

    Say goodbye to those tea stains on your bin!

    1. If you wear glasses, you'll probably be grateful for these anti-fog wipes that prevent your lenses from misting up while wearing a face covering.

    2. We all get the occasional pesky pimple once in a while. But I bet you didn't realise you could protect, heal, and conceal them with these clever acne patches!

    3. When you're the one cooking, it's easy to overlook any ~pungent~ smells released by your culinary masterpieces! But trust me, your flatmates and house guests will be grateful for these odour-eliminating candles.

    4. Have you ever looked through a recently-cleaned window and (quite literally) seen the light? These alcohol-free screen wipes will do the same for your laptop!

    5. I don't know who needs to hear this, but the hard skin on the soles of your feet could probably do with some TLC. Enter: this hard-working callus balm. It gently exfoliates and immediately softens rough and scaly skin!

    6. These wheelie bin stickers will prevent the inevitable weekly mix-up with Number 25. There's four in a pack, so your general, recycling, and green waste bins will all match!

    7. You'll *finally* have a convenient place to put your washing-up sponge thanks to this lil' caddy. It clips easily around your tap and has drainage holes in the bottom to keep your sponge clean and dry.

    8. Feel like your DIY manis never look *quite* as good as the ones you get at the salon? This cuticle remover gel instantly dissolves excess skin around your nail beds, making them look like they've been professionally trimmed!

    9. This stainless steel crumb collector is specially designed to make sweeping crumbs from your tablecloth (AKA the most frustrating job ever) feel effortless!

    10. And this teeny-tiny dustpan and brush set is great for cleaning nooks and crannies. It can be used for anything from keeping your car clean to tidying up your tent while camping!

    11. You won't have to worry about your electric toothbrushes constantly toppling over thanks to these wall-mounted holders. Their self-adhesive design makes them super easy to install!

    12. You can avoid unsightly water stains on your shower door by using this lil' squeegee while the surface is still wet.

    13. This volcanic stone face roller mattifies your skin without disturbing any makeup underneath!

    14. Pop this descaler doughnut into your kettle to keep the water limescale-free. The gritty particles attach themselves to the mesh, which can then be rinsed clean with ease!

    15. Speaking of limescale, this clever contraption will allow your tap to sit in any cleaning solution long enough for it to have the *proper* effect.

    16. Say goodbye to those irritating streaks and fingerprints on your shiny surfaces thanks to this high-performance microfibre cloth. I have about 20 of them dotted around the house, and they work wonders on windows, mirrors, and more without the need for any extra cleaning solutions!

    17. Not only will this teabag squeezer get every last drop of yumminess into your brew, it'll also prevent the dreaded tea stains all over your bin!

    18. This lil' dish offers somewhere to put your teabag without having to walk all the way over to the bin.

    19. And this mug has a pocket for your biscuit(!) so you won't have to bring an extra plate.

    20. This laundry basket has a clever collapsible design. It squashes down to a surprisingly flat shape so you can tuck it away neatly when you're not using it.

    21. This genius chopping board resolves so many kitchen annoyances. It has a built-in grater, grinder, and colander, and the foldable design allows you to rinse, chop, and pour your food into the frying pan with ease!

    22. This stainless steel rest will hold your wooden spoon and pan lid to save space and prevent your countertop from getting dirty.

    23. These optical lens wipes are perfect for getting a smear-free finish on your glasses, phone screen, camera lens, and more!

    24. This sleek toilet brush set features flexible silicone bristles that can easily get into the most hidden nooks and crannies. It's also far easier to keep clean than regular bristly brushes!

    25. You probably won't realise how lacklustre your bathroom walls look till you give them a good scrub with this grout cleaner. It does all the hard work for you by loosening the dirt!

    26. This styptic pencil immediately stems the flow of blood from shaving cuts and other small nicks.

    27. This ionic shower head softens hard water and increases the pressure. It's a good idea to install it now if your skin is particularly sensitive to hard water as the weather gets colder!

    28. Finally, this chic white box is the ideal place to store bathroom bits and bobs without cluttering up a small space.