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    22 Products To Help You Be Your Best Self In 2021

    Bringing a whole new meaning to "new year, new you".

    1. You can start off by switching from instant coffee to this ceremonial-grade matcha green tea – it's packed full of antioxidants! I've been drinking it for a while now and get all the energy-boosting caffeine benefits without any jitters.

    2. Take some time out to sit, lie down, or stand on this acupressure mat for 20-40 minutes. It stimulates your pressure points and helps you to feel more invigorated!

    3. Check in on these affirmation cards throughout the day whenever you're in need of a lil' positivity boost! Customers love how down to earth and realistic they are.

    4. This soothing weighted blanket mimics the sensation of a hug and uses deep pressure therapy to help you get a good night's sleep.

    5. You can use this motivational calendar to track your positive habits and work towards achieving your greater goals in small, achievable steps.

    6. These clever glasses block the harmful blue light that radiates from screens, helping to prevent headaches and eye strain. Blue light can impact your screen so try using these before bed!

    7. And you can avoid extra screen time outside of work hours by reading Big Magic in your spare time instead. It's so easy to read and will really help to get your creative juices flowing!

    8. Spending some extra time on your skincare routine is never a bad idea! This vitamin C serum targets fine lines and textural issues while adding an extra layer of hydration underneath your moisturiser.

    9. And these mini facial rollers are ideal for working serums and creams into your skin – they have a cooling, de-puffing, and firming effect.

    10. Get more organised with this pretty daily planner pad that has sections to help you focus on your schedule, health and fitness, and achievements of the day.

    11. This Feather & Down Sweet Dreams set includes all you'll need to create a soothing nighttime routine, helping you drift off easily.

    12. This Hygge game gives you the perfect opportunity to connect with your friends and family through meaningful conversation – even if it's via FaceTime.

    13. These shower steamer cubes give off an uplifting scent for a revitalising boost in the morning. They're a great lil' pamper treat that you can appreciate even if you don't have a bath!

    14. This stylish light therapy lamp has adjustable brightness and colour settings and doubles up as a ring light! It can mimic natural sunlight to alleviate symptoms of SAD, or give off a warm glow to create a cosy vibe.

    15. Let your lashes reach their full potential with the help of this DIY lash lift kit – it's really easy to use, lasts up to a month, and *might* make you feel better about not wearing mascara 99% of the time these days!

    16. I've started using this vitamin D spray and have noticed a massive difference in my morning energy levels. As someone who struggles to get out of bed most days in the winter, I'm impressed!

    17. I probably don't need to tell you how much staying hydrated contributes to your concentration levels and general health. This water bottle has time markings to remind you to drink regularly, rather than guzzle an entire litre right before bed!

    18. If you've been working or studying from home for almost a year now, your back will probably thank you for getting this lumbar support back rest! Use the elastic fastening to simply slide it over the back of your current favourite chair.

    19. And you can use this heated neck and back massage pillow to work out knots and tight muscles while on the sofa, in your car, or in bed!

    20. Using this dry body brush in short strokes towards your heart helps to remove dead skin, improve blood circulation, and basically make your skin feel more ~alive~.

    21. Give your damaged locks a new lease of life with this Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector that works on a molecular level to repair the broken bonds in heat-damaged and dyed hair.

    22. Finally, this Himalayan pink salt lamp is a simple bit of home decor that makes a big difference to your space! It gives off a cosy warm glow that's similar to a flame – you might even feel more connected to nature.