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    32 Products To Help Light Up Your Life In These Dark And Stormy Times

    Can I get a watt watt?

    1. These artificial flowers have a hidden surprise – and it's not just that they're insanely beautiful!

    2. You can get creative and put these battery-operated string fairy lights in a bottle or jar for a quirky addition to your home decor.

    3. And shed some light on your favourite memories with these clip fairy lights.

    4. This perching Edison lamp is cuter than it has any right to be.

    5. You can adjust this atmospheric moon lamp to give out a warm and cosy light, or a more ~authentic~ cool tone.

    6. Who better to care for your tealight than this protective lil' bird?!

    7. This Himalayan salt lamp has natural air purifying properties and will fill your room with a properly cosy *glow*.

    8. And if you want to go even more ~au naturel~, these Himalayan salt candle holders use the heat from the flames to release even more air-purifying power.

    9. These mini star string lights will add a celestial glow to any part of your room.

    10. And these string lights are more subtle – wrap them around your headboard (or pretty much anywhere, TBH) to brighten up the whole room.

    11. This is more like a fancy piece of decor than an actual lamp!

    12. Any true Potterhead is sure to appreciate this golden snitch lamp that will light up your books.

    13. If you're a proud plant parent, these artificial vine fairy lights will complement your plant babies beautifully!

    14. You'll think spring has already sprung with this adorable baby chick lamp.

    15. And while we're on the subject, you can get this light-up floral garland for a *groundbreakingly* early start to your spring decor.

    16. This bonsai cherry blossom tree lamp has adjustable branches, so you can be just as particular as you are with the real thing.

    17. These plum flower fairy lights are just precious – they're threaded on a copper wire, which doesn't ruin the ~aesthetic~.

    18. And you can drape this floral light garland around your table to take your dinner parties from weak to chic.

    19. You can use these cute bulb fairy lights to brighten up both indoor and outdoor spaces.

    20. These silver ball fairy lights cast cool shadows that will add a bit of interest to your walls.

    21. And these Moroccan hanging lanterns will fill your room with pretty jewel colours.

    22. These birdcage-shaped candle holders look extremely luxe.

    23. And this truly magical candle holder brings a whole new meaning to 'fairy light'.

    24. These Star Wars-themed light switch decals deserve your immediate attention.

    25. This galaxy print moon lamp is simply out of this world.

    26. This folding book lamp is rechargeable and fully portable, making it really easy to travel with!

    27. This vintage style Edison lamp looks way more expensive than it is!

    28. And this cool hanging ceiling light fitting will turn your living room into a cosy-yet-chic coffee shop.

    29. A rustic Edison light peeks out from its smoky glass globe home for less of a harsh spotlight, and more of a cosy glow effect.

    30. This extremely *good* lamp will sit nicely on your side table.

    31. And this helpful little mouse will hold your lightbulb and your heart.

    32. Finally, this shy rabbit will light up more than just your room.