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    32 Products To Keep Your Hair, Skin, And Nails In Tip-Top Shape Now The Weather's Officially Rubbish

    Hands up if you've ever felt personally victimised by the central heating.

    It's no secret that cold weather often wreaks havoc on the holy trinity of beauty (that's hair, skin, and nails to you and me). But there's something about January that makes the blustery winds, constant showers, and general gloominess really hit different. So we've rounded up some of our favourite products to help counteract the urge to hide under your duvet till spring.

    ✨ Hair ✨

    1. I don't know about you, but flitting between cold weather outside and central heating indoors always makes my split ends act up. Luckily this No Haircut cream really lives up to its name! It keeps my lengths looking full and healthy for ages and even offers heat protection.

    2. And this deep repair mask offers intense hydration for *super* damaged locks! It also comes in a HUGE tub that'll last you ages (trust me, I bought mine over a year ago and am still only a quarter of the way through).

    3. If, like me, you suffer from an extremely sensitive scalp once the weather gets colder and drier then I'd like to introduce you to this natural coconut shampoo that contains no SLS or parabens.

    4. If your current hairbrush just isn't cutting it, this boar bristle paddle brush gently eases knots out of your hair with minimal tugging and snapping to prevent damage.

    5. This heat defence spray will protect your locks from the drying effects of heat styling and increased use of central heating!

    6. If your hair deserves a spot on the BBC Weather team for its impressive rain-predicting skills then I think you'll appreciate this extra-strength Frizz Ease serum.

    7. Let's be honest, static is probably one of the most annoying effects of cold, dry weather! Enter: this finishing shine spray with static control.

    8. It's easy for your locks to become limp when faced with cold winds and dreary drizzle. This volumising blow dry lotion boosts your hair from the roots, making it look fuller for longer!

    9. And if you suffer from flat and flyaway-prone hair during the colder months, this bestselling Wonder Water will be your new best friend! It works like a deep conditioner but has a super lightweight feel.

    10. I don't know about you, but my eyebrows and lashes tend to feel shorter and more sparse during the winter. Thankfully, using cold pressed castor oil has made a huge difference! This set comes with everything you'll need for an easy application to your lashes, brows, and hair.

    ✨ Skin ✨

    11. This hyaluronic acid serum offers a much-needed layer of hydration under your moisturiser. It's super lightweight, gentle on sensitive skin, and costs under a fiver!

    12. And if your skin suffers from dullness come the wintertime gloom then check out this bestselling vitamin C serum! I use it under my moisturiser each night and my skin has a noticeable ~glow~ in the morning.

    13. Speaking of hydration, CeraVe's Hydrating cleanser is an absolute dream for dry skin! It'll help you remove the daily buildup of grime without leaving your skin feeling dry or tight.

    14. And if you want to thoroughly remove your makeup then the cult-status Elemis Pro-Collagen cleansing balm is perfect! It melts away even waterproof mascara while keeping your skin hydrated.

    15. If showering with hot water dries your skin out too much then you should probably try this Sanctuary Spa shower oil. It contains omega-rich oils to keep your skin hydrated while still creating a decent enough lather to feel like you're getting a really deep clean.

    16. And if you want even more of a moisture boost then I swear by this Creamy Body oil. It's the only moisturiser that genuinely lasts (even under several layers of clothes) and it smells divine!

    17. This affordable sheet mask is saturated with avocado, almond milk, and hyaluronic acid to help soothe dry and irritated skin.

    18. Soothe your winter weather-induced eczema flare-ups with this Skin Defence balm. It's made using 100% natural ingredients and is alcohol-free, making it great for kids and adults alike!

    19. Swap your regular moisturiser with this COSRX Overnight Spa Mask every few nights for an extra boost of hydration when your skin needs it most!

    20. Use this exfoliating scrub and nourishing cream duo before bed to wake up to smooth and supple lips in the morning.

    ✨ Nails ✨

    21. If your nails simply refuse to grow once the weather reaches the single digits then you might want to try out this Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Nail Care treatment.

    22. And reviewers rave about this Hard as Nails strengthener! It fortifies and protects soft, fragile talons and helps to prevent splitting, chipping, and peeling.

    23. This affordable glass nail file is kind to (and effective at shaping) weak and brittle nails.

    24. This L'Occitane shea butter hand cream is ~hands down~ the best one I've tried on my weather-beaten skin. It's a little on the pricey side, but if the before and after pic I took this morning wasn't enough to convince you it's worth it then the HUGE tube it comes in should be!

    25. The skin around my nails is drier than usual in the winter, making my manis look slapdash at best! Luckily this cuticle remover gel painlessly dissolves any excess skin in seconds, leaving my nails looking fresh and tidy.

    26. This milk and honey cuticle oil is deeply nourishing, smells utterly divine, and comes in a huge bottle that I predict will last about 20 years.

    27. Don't neglect your feet just because you're not wearing sandals ATM. This O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet cream is super hydrating but still has a sock-friendly non-greasy formula.

    28. And I'm just gonna put it out there – now's the perfect time to show your cracked heels some love by using this foot peeling mask (seeing as you won’t be exposing those flaky feet anytime soon!).

    ✨ Multi-purpose wonders ✨

    29. There are some hero products that'll help you with multiple winter weather-induced concerns – like these satin pillowcases that create less friction with your hair and absorb less moisture from your skin than regular cotton ones. The result? Less breakage and more hydration!

    30. Increased use of central heating and no open windows (AKA a cold winter's day at home) can make the air extremely dry! This ultra-quiet humidifier adds much-needed moisture back into the air, which will help to keep your skin, hair, and nails hydrated too!

    31. If your skin and hair are sensitive to hard water then the added cold weather probably isn't doing them any favours! This clever shower head contains mineral balls which filter the water as you use it.

    32. A healthy dose of vitamin D supports the immune system, which has a natural knock-on effect on your overall health. This vitamin D spray might just give your body what it's lacking during the winter months.