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    27 Products That Are So Perfect, They Must Have Been Crafted By Angels

    *Cue the celestial harp music*.

    1. Is this a powerful essential oil diffuser or a pink-tinted marble piece of art? IMO, it's both!

    2. I was shocked when I saw the affordable price of this stunning adjustable dressing table mirror!

    3. This sterling silver bracelet features a sweet message written in Morse code – it's perfect for your bestie!

    4. I don't think I even need to explain why these celestial book ends are included in this list!

    5. This best-selling moon banner is popular for a reason! The gorgeous design and hammered metal detail will add a bit of interest to your room's decor.

    6. The intricate engraved detailing on this ceramic plant pot makes it look about three times its actual price!

    7. This teeny tiny crochet basket is ideal for storing little trinkets and other bits and bobs.

    8. Store your coats and bags in style thanks to this lovely wall hook – it has real flower petals suspended inside the resin panel!

    9. Can we take a moment to appreciate this stunning scented candle? The design is ~out of this world~ and you can use the ceramic globe as a trinket pot when the candle is finished!

    10. I'm sorry, but is this not the most extraordinary serving bowl you've ever seen? It's perfect for salads and roasted veggies alike.

    11. This slim side table didn't need to be both hilarious and absolutely stunning, but that's overachievers for you.

    12. This dear little wax melt moon releases the energy-cleansing scents of amber, incense, and wood smoke when heated.

    13. The opulent border design of this perfume tray is truly captivating.

    14. These trinket trays can be pushed into a stacked design to save space and stop your jewellery from getting dusty.

    15. This bust of Michaelangelo's David is also a handcrafted soy wax candle that releases the gentle scents of vanilla and lavender.

    16. You'll feel suitably bougie whenever you take a sip from the gold-toned rim of this floral glass mug.

    17. Not only is this printed cosmetics bag extremely pretty, its wide opening makes it really practical too!

    18. This glass tumbler is hand painted in 24K gold – it's designed with the Kintsugi art of mending that takes something broken to make it even more beautiful than it was.

    19. The rustic marble design of this serving tray is truly exquisite.

    20. This plant mister is so much fun to use and will look stunning sitting amongst your leafy friends!

    21. I challenge you to find me a more sophisticated-looking coffee scoop/bag clip hybrid!

    22. This incense stick holder will help you feel ~at peace~ in more ways than one!

    23. The lil' artwork on this cute card is utterly perfect – it'll make a lovely 'just because' treat.

    24. These ombré ribbed pillar candles are almost too beautiful to burn! They're made by hand using eco-friendly soy wax.

    25. Walk into your own version of paradise via this dreamy petal light curtain!

    26. The combination of luxurious velvet and botanical motifs on this quilted throw is quite heavenly!

    27. Finally, add a spiritual touch to your decor with the help of this all-seeing eye light.