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    34 Genius Problem-Solving Products Our Readers Loved In 2020

    Including things for your home, car, and skincare cabinet!

    1. These ~magic~ clothes hangers will help you save space and keep your wardrobe neat and organised.

    2. You only need to use this maximum-strength antiperspirant once or twice a week to keep excessive sweating at bay.

    3. Pour some of this highly-absorbent powder over the contents of your bin to soak up any ~juices~ and neutralise bad smells. It can be used on your indoor bins too!

    4. This post-shave balm will soothe sensitive skin after shaving intimate areas and it prevents ingrown hairs and razor bumps!

    5. Stop your glasses from fogging up whenever you wear a mask by applying this moisture-absorbing anti-fog treatment beforehand.

    6. These satin pillowcases will cause way less friction with (read: damage to) your hair than regular cotton ones!

    7. This cuticle remover gel will reduce the time and effort it takes to do at-home manicures.

    8. And this fast-drying top coat will give you a professional-looking finish and prevents chips for up to two weeks!

    9. This Soap Saver acts like a sort of non-soggy sponge, elevating your soap away from water to keep it as dry and hygienic as possible.

    10. You can prevent mould and condensation from forming in damp weather thanks to this portable dehumidifier.

    11. You don't need a masseuse to work out knots and soothe sore muscles when you have this handy massage roller ball.

    12. Get rid of the pesky limescale at the end of your tap with the help of this clever tool.

    13. These genius hair ties will hold your ponytail securely without leaving any dents!

    14. Store your makeup sponges neatly and hygienically with this standing sponge rack.

    15. Clogged pores and skin texture will be a problem of the past once you start using these NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix Pads.

    16. This pet hair roller is intensely satisfying to use and super effective!

    17. This degreasing solution puts in all the ~elbow grease~ so you don't have to – and it's only a quid!

    18. Speaking of doing all the hard work for you, this drain unblocker cuts through hair and sludge like no other.

    19. These lil' acne patches heal your spots while protecting them from further infection.

    20. Avoid the weekly bin mix-up with your neighbours by marking your territory with these wheelie bin stickers.

    21. These eyebrow razors will help you get the perfect arch, even without your beloved brow lady. They also work wonders for exfoliating the skin!

    22. Give your drains a boost with these maintenance sticks that help to keep them clean and clear.

    23. This grout reviver pen will help restore your tiles to their original splendour.

    24. This kettle descaler is *kinda* essential if you love a good cuppa and live in a hard water area!

    25. Prevent condensation from forming on your windshield in the winter thanks to this reusable dehumidifier bag.

    26. Customers with conditions like psoriasis and dandruff swear by this shampoo brush that massages the scalp to loosen any dead skin.

    27. You won't have to worry about dropped food getting baked onto your oven thanks to these easy-to-clean liners!

    28. If you've been getting headaches from being indoors a lot of the time, why not give this headache relief stick a try? It gets to work in as little as two minutes!

    29. Cranky landlord? No problem – these Command strips will let you hang prints up without drilling any nails into the walls.

    30. This water-repelling glass treatment makes rain and sleet simply run off your windshield rather than blurring your view.

    31. Avoid bunched-up bedsheets by using these snazzy suspenders to keep the corners in place.

    32. This ear wax remover is safe, easy, and comfortable to use – it also avoids the kind of damage to your eardrum and canals that cotton buds can cause.

    33. Give your bobbly jumpers a new lease of life with this cute and compact fabric shaving comb.

    34. Finally, this interior shampoo effectively cleans and deodorises all types of synthetic upholstery.