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    18 Practical Beauty Products That'll Really Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Makeup And Skincare

    Think of these as the 'lights' and 'camera' to your 'action'!

    1. These satin pillowcases go far beyond just looking luxe and feeling amazing – they'll also help keep your skin hydrated throughout the night!

    2. Prep your makeup brushes to perfection with the help of this fast-working (and incredibly fun to use) electric brush cleaner.

    3. And this brush cleansing gel will give your brushes the ~proper~ deep clean they deserve!

    4. This mattifying face roller is made from real volcanic stone which absorbs excess oils without disturbing your makeup!

    5. Make the most out of your natural lashes thanks to these eyelash curlers. They're ridiculously cheap, highly rated, and effective!

    6. This eyelash cleaning kit will help you take the absolute best care of your extensions and natural lashes!

    7. Work your skincare products in more effectively thanks to this bougie facial massager.

    8. This face and neck massager uses sonic vibrations and light therapy to help tighten the skin, target breakouts, and improve the skin's texture.

    9. This liquid corrector has a concentrated peachy tint that'll neutralise dark circles without creasing or highlighting any fine lines!

    10. This iconic e.l.f. Poreless Putty primer smooths over any enlarged pores or texture to leave you with a naturally flawless looking base.

    11. Lipstick constantly bleeding and fading throughout the day? This Elizabeth Arden Lip-Fix cream will help lock it into place.

    12. These Real Techniques Miracle Powder sponges will help give your makeup an immaculate-looking finish!

    13. And this travel case keeps your sponges clean and dry between uses, helping to prevent skin irritation and breakouts.

    14. These eyeshadow shields will help you achieve the perfect shape and also catch any eyeshadow fallout, so you won't ruin the rest of your makeup!

    15. And if you still can't help making the occasional smudge here and there, use this corrector pen to get a crisp and clean line in an instant!

    16. These reusable makeup remover pads gently wash away all types of makeup without the need for any harsh scrubbing.

    17. Soak these Liz Earle muslin cloths in warm water to effectively remove any cleanser or face mask residue. The heat will open your pores to help you get a really deep clean!

    18. Finally, this ice roller not only feels *incredibly* soothing on the skin, it'll also 'close' your pores back up after a steam or extraction facial to ensure they don't get clogged up.