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    18 Practical Beauty Products That'll Really Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Makeup And Skincare

    Think of these as the 'lights' and 'camera' to your 'action'!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. These satin pillowcases go far beyond just looking luxe and feeling amazing – they'll also help keep your skin hydrated throughout the night!

    Amazon / Via

    The satin material of these pillowcases absorbs way less moisture than that of regular cotton ones. This means the hydrating skincare products you apply before bed can do their thing much more easily!

    Price: £7.99 for two – they come in 12 colours.

    2. Prep your makeup brushes to perfection with the help of this fast-working (and incredibly fun to use) electric brush cleaner.

    Amazon / Via

    I know I'm not the only one who's guilty of leaving it a *little* too long between washing their makeup brushes, but this clever contraption makes it ridiculously easy. The high speed spinning technology allows you to both clean and completely dry your brushes in a matter of seconds, so you can use them immediately! 

    Price: £11.99

    3. And this brush cleansing gel will give your brushes the ~proper~ deep clean they deserve!

    Amazon / Via

    It's scientifically proven to effectively remove nearly all makeup residue! Customers are impressed with how quickly it gets to work, and say you only need to use a tiny amount each time, making it really good value for money.

    Price: £6.99

    4. This mattifying face roller is made from real volcanic stone which absorbs excess oils without disturbing your makeup!

    Amazon / Via

    It basically works like blotting papers, but without the unnecessary waste. You can easily remove the lil' volcanic ball, clean it with your regular face cleanser, and pop it back in to reuse time and time again!

    Price: £12.99

    5. Make the most out of your natural lashes thanks to these eyelash curlers. They're ridiculously cheap, highly rated, and effective!

    Amazon / Via

    They're designed to gently yet effectively curl your lashes without harshly crimping or breaking the hairs. The ergonomic silicone handle makes them really easy to grip, and reviewers say they're comparable to much pricier branded ones!

    Price: £4.43

    6. This eyelash cleaning kit will help you take the absolute best care of your extensions and natural lashes!

    Amazon / Via

    The kit comes with a foaming shampoo that's mild enough for the sensitive eye area and dense enough so that it doesn't drip all over your face! Gently work the product into your lash line to remove eyeliner and mascara buildup without weakening the bonds of your lash extensions. Customers swear it keeps their natural lashes strong and healthy too!

    Price: £9.99 for the lash shampoo, cleaning brush, and mascara wand.

    7. Work your skincare products in more effectively thanks to this bougie facial massager.

    Amazon / Via

    It works by using tiny vibrations to promote blood circulation, which in turn helps your skin to absorb any serums and creams much more effectively. Work in sweeping motions from the centre of your face towards your ears to stimulate lymphatic drainage and boost general glowiness.

    Price: £10.19

    8. This face and neck massager uses sonic vibrations and light therapy to help tighten the skin, target breakouts, and improve the skin's texture.

    Amazon / Via

    This lil' device is ergonomically designed to fit around the contours of your face and neck comfortably while it massages your skin. It has loads of different modes (including a 45ºC warming function) to target specific skin concerns.

    Price: £25.99 

    9. This liquid corrector has a concentrated peachy tint that'll neutralise dark circles without creasing or highlighting any fine lines!

    Amazon / Via

    The vegan formula is designed to blend in with your skin's natural colour, counteracting any blue or purple tones while remaining indistinguishable under your concealer.

    Price: £10.00 

    10. This iconic e.l.f. Poreless Putty primer smooths over any enlarged pores or texture to leave you with a naturally flawless looking base.

    Amazon / Via

    Apply a thin layer over moisturised skin for the best result. It's infused with squalane to help lock in hydration and provides a grippy base for your foundation, so your makeup will last for absolutely ages!

    Price: £9.00

    11. Lipstick constantly bleeding and fading throughout the day? This Elizabeth Arden Lip-Fix cream will help lock it into place.

    Amazon / Via

    Customers swear you only need a *tiny* amount of this stuff, so the tube should last you ages! It plumps and smooths the lips, prevents feathering from particularly slippery formulas, and helps your lipstick hold its own against face masks and multiple cups of tea.

    Price: £15.00 

    12. These Real Techniques Miracle Powder sponges will help give your makeup an immaculate-looking finish!

    Amazon / Via

    The latex-free foam and microfibre blend creates a velvety texture which is perfect for depositing *just* the right amount of product over your makeup. The signature shape is also ideal for creating a flawless base – with a rounded side for precision blending, a flat edge for baking,  and a pointed tip for coverage.

    Price: £8.49 for two.

    13. And this travel case keeps your sponges clean and dry between uses, helping to prevent skin irritation and breakouts.

    Amazon / Via

    This little holder is specially designed to fit Real Techniques sponges perfectly (yes, that includes their iconic Miracle Complexion sponges!). They have clever ventilation holes to ensure the sponge can air and dry thoroughly, preventing any bacteria and mould from forming.

    Price: £5.20

    14. These eyeshadow shields will help you achieve the perfect shape and also catch any eyeshadow fallout, so you won't ruin the rest of your makeup!

    Amazon / Via

    They're great if you can't ever seem to get your eyeliner straight, as they offer a guide line for you to work with.

    Price: £5.49 for 100.

    15. And if you still can't help making the occasional smudge here and there, use this corrector pen to get a crisp and clean line in an instant!

    Amazon / Via

    The sharp tip of this pen is far more precise than a cotton bud or makeup wipe! Customers swear it erases waterproof formulas like a dream.

    Price: £3.59

    16. These reusable makeup remover pads gently wash away all types of makeup without the need for any harsh scrubbing.

    Amazon / Via

    Simply add some of your favourite micellar water to wipe away eye, face, and lip makeup. You can wash each pad up to 1,000 times, making them far more eco-friendly than disposable cotton pads!

    Price: £6.53 for three.

    17. Soak these Liz Earle muslin cloths in warm water to effectively remove any cleanser or face mask residue. The heat will open your pores to help you get a really deep clean!

    Amazon / Via

    These bad boys have reached cult status in the skincare world for a reason! I own a few different kinds of muslin cloths, and I honestly find that these ones are the most gentle on my sensitive skin while still being sturdy enough to offer a decent exfoliation when cleansing my face.

    Price: £4.45 for two.

    18. Finally, this ice roller not only feels *incredibly* soothing on the skin, it'll also 'close' your pores back up after a steam or extraction facial to ensure they don't get clogged up.

    Amazon / Via

    The lil' stone roller is easy to detach and pop into the freezer so it's nice and cool when you need it. It also helps to reduce under eye puffiness, soothe skin irritation, and relieve headaches! 

    Price: £6.99