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    27 OXO Products That Honestly Shocked Me With Their Cleverness

    A LOT of these are under £15, just FYI!

    1. This affordable lil' cleaning set includes three types of brush head to scrub stubborn dirt from hard-to-reach areas and wipe it away with ease.

    2. The cleverly-angled head and extendable handle of this tub and tile scrubber makes it way easier to reach the nooks and crannies that often get neglected.

    3. This handy measuring jug displays its markings on an angled ridge, so you can read the measurements accurately from above instead of having to constantly squat down.

    4. This self-cleaning brush effectively lifts fur and dust from clothes and furniture, while the base clears the fur from the brush to keep it ready for use.

    5. Who actually enjoys mincing garlic? Yeah, that would be no one. This easy-grip garlic press can mince multiple cloves in one easy step, and the built-in cleaner even pushes away any excess garlic peels.

    6. These multipurpose clips have a super strong grip and can either be held to the fridge via the magnetic backing or hooked onto a nail through the convenient hole.

    7. This vertical drying rack will save you so much space – the angled pegs quickly dry bottles and cups, and there's spaces at the top and bottom for smaller items like cutlery and dummies.

    8. This teeny tiny laptop cleaner includes a soft brush to sweep away dust from the gaps between your keyboard, as well as a microfibre pad to remove smudges from your screen.

    9. This vegetable dicer features a handy storage container with an easy-pour opening, and a removable silicone grid for effortless cleaning.

    10. This compact grate and slice set includes a food holder to protect your hands while you're using it. It packs up into a neat box when you're done!

    11. This silicone colander is collapsible, so it'll take up minimal space when you're not using it.

    12. This palm brush has a built-in soap dispenser and strong nylon bristles that hold up under tough scrubbing.

    13. This apple corer is super easy to use – simply squeeze the handle before inserting, then twist and release to remove the core with one hand!

    14. This handheld spiraliser works with a variety of veggies, and will even remove any soggy cores.

    15. This clever container helps to keep your produce fresh via its enhanced carbon filter which traps and absorbs ethylene gas (AKA the key component in ripening fruit and veg). The lifted colander insert also ensures there's enough airflow to keep the contents crisp and prevent rotting.

    16. This handheld mandoline slicer has three different settings so you can get the thickness of your veggie slices *just* right.

    17. This grater set combines the sturdiness of a tall box grater with the convenience of a built-in storage container. You can even remove the zester section if you'd prefer to use it separately!

    18. This stainless steel squeegee can be conveniently fixed to your shower door, so you can remove water splashes before they have a chance to turn into limescale stains.

    19. This silicone cooking spoon has a sharp edge that acts like a (soft) blade to chop your softened food in the pan as well as stirring and scraping it.

    20. This fat separator jug pretty much does what it says on the tin! The stopper keeps the flavour in but the fat out of your gravy, while the strainer lid catches any unwanted bits.

    21. This compact toilet brush will fit into the tightest of spaces! The canister door opens automatically when you lift the toilet brush, and keeps it tucked away when you're not using it.

    22. This avocado tool halves, de-stones, and perfectly slices the notoriously fiddly fruit with ease!

    23. This lil' tray holds a whopping 48 ice cubes. The compact design makes it easy to stack and store, while the lid prevents the ice from absorbing any freezer odours.

    24. This three-piece bath storage set features suction grips, so you can store all your essential bits and bobs at a convenient height.

    25. This herb keeper provides water and controls humidity to keep your herbs – and some veggies like asparagus – fresher for longer!

    26. If you can't get enough of keeping it ~fresh~, this steel vacuum wine preserver will be right up your street! It's so much more effective than using corks alone.

    27. And finally, this storage container creates an airtight seal at the push of a button!