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    35 Products That Will Probably Be In Your Basket In Approximately 0.2 Seconds

    These are all *kinda* no-brainer purchases.

    1. First thing's first, who wouldn't want this eyelash growth serum for longer, thicker, and healthier lashes? Especially when it's under seven quid!

    2. This instant cuticle remover will (painlessly) dissolve any excess dry or rough skin around your nail beds to reveal smooth cuticles in mere seconds!

    3. This genius lil' scrubbing brush has an oscillating head (think: big electric toothbrush) which scrubs over tough stains and marks so you don't have to! It has four different head attachments to cater to hard-to-reach areas too.

    4. This 100% natural oil blend is perfect for use before and after hair removal – it prevents razor burn and skin irritation, softens stubble, and minimises ingrown hairs!

    5. This large laundry bag has helpful handles for ease of carrying and a drawstring fastening to keep any ~interesting~ smells inside!

    6. These lil' fragrance spheres are filled with scented beads that'll release their yummy scent for up to 45 days!

    7. This dreamy lilac number is THE ultimate summery dress!

    8. If the sheer look of this lightsaber pizza cutter isn't enough to make you click 'add to basket', then the fact that it makes actual lightsaber sounds probably is!

    9. This highly-rated hairdryer is lightweight, fast-drying, and has an impressive 2000 watts of power – customers swear it's more effective than way pricier versions!

    10. This detangling brush set prevents breakage on thick, dry, and tangle-prone hair – it also has an impressive 4.9-star average rating from almost 2,000 customers!

    11. This is not so much a ceramic vase but more a piece of art, darling! It looks like it could easily cost about five times its actual price.

    12. These Baby Yoda socks have absolutely no right being as cute as they are!

    13. These reusable bamboo cotton pads are much kinder to your skin – and the environment – than the disposable kind!

    14. Let's be honest, pretty much everyone will need this bathroom drain unblocker at some point – it cuts through hair and other residues with minimal effort on your part!

    15. These ceramic hair straighteners are an impressive price for the quality you'll get – they have a 15-second heat-up time and use anti-static, smoothing technology!

    16. May I introduce you to the ONLY mug you'll want to grab whenever it's time to spill the tea?!

    17. This pretty cardigan is very on-trend and way cheaper than you'd think!

    18. These sleepy The Lion King pyjamas are an absolute necessity, imho.

    19. This super rich moisturiser contains a nourishing blend of organic sunflower seed oil and botanical extracts to hydrate, heal, and protect dry skin all over the body!

    20. These tweezers all come in different shapes to suit various hairy needs – from arched brows to ingrown hairs!

    21. Making your flat look more ~luxe~ for under a fiver is easy, just add this large pillar candle!

    22. This personal blender is great for making single portions of smoothies or soups with minimal washing up afterwards!

    23. Let's be honest: nothing says summer like a fresh white manicure. This nail polish has a fast-drying and chip-resistant formula!

    24. This push-up bra is wireless and seamless, giving you comfort and a sleek silhouette!

    25. This helpful lunchbox will make your position on lunch thieves very clear.

    26. And this peephole photo frame is essential for any true Friends fan!

    27. This lightweight eye serum works to reduce fine lines and brighten dark circles – customers love how soft and plump their skin looks after using it!

    28. This checked duvet cover set is chic, sleek, and surprisingly affordable!

    29. Stick this stainless steel squeegee on the inside of your shower door for easy access so you can instantly remove any condensation before it turns into watermarks.

    30. This pretty and practical folding basket will offer you a minimalistic bit of extra storage without breaking the bank!

    31. This 100 movies scratch-off poster will be there to save the day when the inevitable argument over what to watch commences.

    32. This anti-chafing gel dries almost immediately and creates a silky (non-greasy) finish to prevent friction and soothe any existing effects of chafing.

    33. This cropped cardigan is great for summer layering and will go with pretty much everything!

    34. This Shaun the Sheep egg cup is *probably* the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

    35. Finally, this sheet mask starter set is packed full of nourishing masks that cater to lots of different skin concerns.