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    17 Little Things To Solve Your Small But Annoying Problems

    If you hate loose wires and are constantly losing your hair slides – this one's for you.

    1. A pack of tiny cotton buds, so you can FINALLY clean all those neglected nooks and crannies.

    2. And a compact cable organiser, which will make tangled headphone wires a thing of the past!

    3. A bookmark that tells you exactly where you stopped reading.

    4. No, this isn’t a pack of instant noodles in strange packaging – it’s actually a soap saver, designed to stop your soap from getting soggy and help it last way longer!

    5. Some cute bag clips to stop your half-eaten snacks from getting stale.

    6. A secret storage container to keep all your small but precious things soup-er safe.

    7. And a reusable shopping bag that folds up really small, so you won't have to keep paying for bags at your local supermarket.

    8. A tiny little container for your hair slides – so you can actually have some left over by the end of the week.

    9. An extra-long charger cable, so you don't have to sacrifice comfort for convenience.

    10. Some eyeshadow shields to catch any fallout from your dramatic smokey eye.

    11. And while we're on the subject, why not get a drawstring makeup bag to tidy up your makeup bits and bobs in no time.

    12. A shoe protection spray – 'cause prevention is ~always~ better than cure.

    13. A sock organiser, so you won't end up with dozens of half-pairs after every wash.

    14. Some deodorising powder to stop your bin from developing ~interesting~ smells.

    15. A pretty marble desk tidy to store all your little knick-knacks that are too small for the filing cabinet, and too important for the bin.

    16. A lil' tube squeezer so you'll never have to waste the last bit of toothpaste again.

    17. And finally, a set of silicone travel bottles that you can actually get the most out of!