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    26 Beautiful Little Things That Might Just Have Been Crafted By Fairies

    I think you'll enjoy these fairy much.

    1. First thing's first, how stunning is this ceramic incense burner? It'll hold both cone and stick formats and the smoke travels down, waterfall-style, into a lil' carp-filled pond!

    2. The intricate lace-design edges of these hinged frames look like they've been wrought by fairy-sized hands. Their dimensions are perfect for passport-sized photos.

    3. The pressed flower design of this stylish jewellery box gives it an ethereal vibe.

    4. And you can continue the whimsical decor theme with these delicately designed floral coasters.

    5. This precious flower bundle might have been carefully selected by the fairies at the bottom of the garden. They come in letterbox-friendly packaging, so would make a great gift!

    6. And they'd sit pretty in a couple of these mini vintage-style glass vases.

    7. I can't get over the cute details on this bird 'restaurant' seed feeder!

    8. These teeny tiny scented candles sit perfectly in their intricately-detailed ceramic elephant homes!

    9. And these hand-carved flower tea lights are almost too beautiful to burn! But if you pick up the courage, they'll give off the sweet scent of neroli.

    10. These emerald green matches in a corked glass bottle are exactly the kind of thing you'd expect to find in a fairy's home.

    11. I'm *obsessed* with the textured floral detailing on this stackable 'tea for one' set. The teapot and cup look really dainty but will actually hold a decent amount of liquid!

    12. Are these tiny little shovels or functional teaspoons? You decide.

    13. This handmade ceramic espresso cup is far more adorable than it has any right to be!

    14. I can't explain why, but these succulent plant pots have a rustic yet magical vibe about them.

    15. And this mini earthenware watering can complements them perfectly!

    16. These delicate daisy hoops are utterly perfect for the spring season.

    17. And this tiny 14K gold-filled hoop would look great in a nose or cartilage piercing – the lil' opal bead will sparkle, even in the dark!

    18. I don't think I even need to explain why these toadstool salt and pepper shakers are included in this list.

    19. This cute and handy bed-shaped sponge caddy is *just* the kind of thing a fairy would make, don't you think?

    20. And the same goes for this teabag dispenser that looks like a little house!

    21. This quirky hair clip features real pressed flowers in a resin casing.

    22. How unbelievably cute is this mini hanging ceramic planter? It can even be personalised (by our little friends, of course)!

    23. This tiered plant pot is perfect for storing succulents and other mini plants.

    24. This solar-powered garden lamp brings a whole new meaning to fairy lights!

    25. This miniature handmade candle set will help you to take the occasional mindful moment for reflection and serenity.

    26. And finally, I couldn't not include this charming fairy house. It has a solar panel which lights it up from within when it gets dark – imagine how fab it'll look at the bottom of the garden!