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    29 Things To Help Solve The Little Isolation Problems You Didn’t Even Know You Had

    Nipping every small-but-stressful problem in the bud!

    1. If you're trying (but let's be honest, kinda failing) to spend less time on your phone then you can try literally locking it away in this mobile phone jail cell!

    2. If you're feeling a bit unproductive, add some structure to your day with the help of this customisable flight message board that's aesthetically pleasing, useful, and fun for the whole family!

    3. And this gorgeous weekly planner pad will help inspire you to reach your personal daily goals.

    4. You can use this handsfree smartphone holder to hold your phone at the ideal height and angle – perfect for when you're cooking dinner but also want to FaceTime your nan.

    5. Avoid the annoying build-up of soap scum and slime with these soap savers that keep the bar at an elevated height, so that any excess water simply drains away.

    6. Keep your screens nice and clean with this handy screen-cleaning kit.

    7. These stretchy silicone food covers will help make sure your leftovers stay fresh and don't go to waste – they come in various sizes to fit over pretty much any container, and are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer-safe.

    8. If your bin is getting way more action than it usually does these days, keep it smelling fresh with this Bin Buddy powder that eliminates odours, soaks up excess bin juice, and repels pesky flies.

    9. If you're finding it increasingly difficult to get to sleep, you can try this musical pillow which connects easily to your phone so you can fall asleep to your favourite tunes.

    10. If you’re cooking more than usual right now, you could probably do with some good kitchen knives – this set comes in highly rated, covers all of your chopping and peeling needs, and is surprisingly cheap!

    11. I know you're probably a self-qualified chef at this point, but if you want to make cooking even easier try this folding chopping board that takes your carrots from counter to pan in one easy move.

    12. And – because nobody likes tidying-up – this clever caddy attaches to your cabinet door for easy access so you won't have to keep taking your potato peelings over to the Big Bin. It's also collapsible so it won't take up much space when you're not using it!

    13. This silicone kitchen tool rest will hold your spoons, spatulas, and whisks between stirs. It also has a raised-edge design, so there's minimal spillage and (most importantly) minimal clean-up afterwards!

    14. Keep your workstation clean with the help of this teeny tiny vacuum cleaner that you can power from your laptop.

    15. If you’re still using your phone often, your battery is probably running out even more quickly than usual – use this iPhone adapter so you can still listen to music while you charge your phone!

    16. If you can't be bothered to fill in your eyebrows, but also feel a bit ~off~ without them, you can use this highly-rated eyebrow dye kit to get salon results at home!

    17. These lil' dots will help to fast-track the healing process of your spots, prevent any inevitable picking. The translucent material sort of ~blurs~ the spot with your natural skin tone, giving it a bit of coverage too!

    18. Massage out your tight spots and sore muscles easily with this stress spot massager.

    19. And use this double foot massager to give your feet a stimulating massage and counteract the fact you're probably walking a lot less than usual.

    20. Not sure what to get your friend for their birthday? Send them this mystery box full of best-selling home products to help them solve the little problems of their own!

    21. If your wardrobe is an absolute mess right now, these genius hangers will not only make your clothes look really neat and organised, they'll also save you a ton of space!

    22. Keep losing your keys (even more than usual) since you've been home a lot more? You can get this item finder that can connect to your phone – so if you have one, you'll always be able to find the other!

    23. To prevent little spills in your freshly-cleaned oven, you can use these non-stick oven liners that are super easy to clean and will prevent the build-up of grime over time!

    24. Keep your mirrors and windows free from dust and annoying streaks with this multi-use hi-tech duster cloth.

    25. If you're having a stay-in-bed kinda day, keep all your essentials close to hand with this bedside pocket that slips easily between your mattress and frame!

    26. If you've decided to start redecorating but have discovered that you can't actually paint very neatly, this multi-surface FrogTape will make sure your lines are sharp and smooth!

    27. If you want to hang up pictures and prints but live in a rented home, you can use these picture-hanging strips that won't leave any residue when they're removed.

    28. If you're really getting into gardening but find it a bit of a faff sometimes, this hose head that adjusts the level of water sprayed will make it way more fun and easy!

    29. And finally, you’re probably in need of a really good back rub and some TLC after all that hard work – this adorable back massager will provide you with both!