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    Just 19 Cool Things to Help Make Your Desk Feel More 'You'

    The less gross way of marking your territory.

    1. This unique memo board if (unlike elephants) you always forget.

    2. And this helpful elephant, which will hold your pens and your phone.

    3. If music is your life, this phone-charging headphone stand will change the game.

    4. This cup holder is for you if just looking at a mug of coffee seems to make it fall over.

    5. Or this hot drink warmer if you’re sick of your tea always getting cold.

    6. This hanging file holder, if you’re ~obsessed~ with rose gold.

    7. Or if you're working from the office, these stackable filing trays will look super cute on your desk.

    8. And this desktop organiser, which will make you feel like you have your shit together.

    9. … like this desktop bowling game.

    10. This mouse mat that's big enough to cover the weird stains your desk’s previous owner kindly left behind.

    11. This adorable mini plant pot – because who doesn’t love baby Groot?!

    12. And this set of six mini succulent pots, if you just can’t get enough of baby plants.

    13. If you love everything minimalist (and multi-functional) this concrete planter is for you.

    14. This Post-It dispenser will bring out the cat lady in you.

    15. These computer screen cleaning pads, if you’re a bit of a clean freak.

    16. And this warming mouse pad, if your hands are always getting cold.

    17. These pastel highlighters, if you love to be different.

    18. And these paper clips which will remind you of your dog.

    19. And finally this memo holder that you definitely won’t forget about.