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    23 Joseph Joseph Products That Are Far More Clever Than They Have Any Right To Be

    They've literally thought of everything!

    1. Slot your pot and pan lids into these door-mounted holders to make sure they're close to hand but not constantly clattering around the cupboard.

    2. This under-shelf drawer is a smart way to save space and keep any little bits and bobs separate in your cupboard.

    3. This push-and-tear kitchen roll holder makes it easy to keep the rest of your roll clean while you tear off a new square.

    4. You can scoop and drain individual portions easily thanks to this large colander spoon.

    5. If your kitchen drawers have more of a generous height than width, then this compact cutlery organiser is kinda made for you!

    6. This clever rolling pin has stationary ergonomic handles, making it so easy to use!

    7. This silicone whisk twists into a totally flat shape, so it won't jam your drawer or get tangled with other utensils.

    8. These nest chopping boards slide together neatly for easy storage and have raised ends to guide your chopped food into your pan with minimal spills.

    9. This folding steamer basket has a self-adjusting design, meaning it'll fit a variety of pan sizes.

    10. This is the most aesthetically-pleasing spice rack I've ever seen – it'll save space in your drawer too!

    11. This dish rack extends to almost double its usual size when needed, and it also has slim ribs which hold both cups and plates with ease.

    12. This hygienic set designates a chopping board each for fish, meat, veg, and cooked foods, making it perfect for households with a mix of vegetarians and meat-eaters.

    13. This adjustable rolling pin has removable discs on either end so you can roll your pastry to an even and precise thickness.

    14. This scoop and pick set is ideal for removing olives, capers, and pickles from jars without getting your hands wet.

    15. Make garlic mincing a breeze thanks to this ergonomically-designed garlic crusher.

    16. This sturdy draining board has plate rack sections that flip up or down depending on your needs, and the angled sides drain water away with ease.

    17. This knife organiser keeps your blades safely tucked away and separated.

    18. This nine-piece food preparation set includes all the mixing, measuring, and sieving equipment you'll ever need! And can we please talk about how perfectly they all fit together?

    19. This smart toilet brush set has durable bristles that reach every possible nook and cranny and make it far easier to clean than its bristly predecessor. The storage bay even has space to hold your bottle of bleach!

    20. This compact caddy has designated compartments to keep your toothbrushes and toothpaste separate and dry.

    21. This sink caddy has a place for each of your washing-up bits, and it dismantles easily for quick cleaning.

    22. This chopping board has handy spikes to keep your food stable while you slice it as well as raised edges to catch any juices or crumbs.

    23. Finally, this mandoline slicer keeps a sturdy grip on your veg for much safer slicing.