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    32 Cheap Lil' Gifts To Treat Yourself To If You’re Somewhat Of An Introvert

    All of these are £10 or less!

    1. This clip-on reading light doubles up as a pretty bookmark if you straighten it out.

    2. This tissue mask set will have multiple future pamper nights in sorted! The masks are deeply hydrating, target different skin concerns, and feel extremely soothing when they're on.

    3. The sunflower print on this reusable face mask is gorgeous yet understated, and 50% of sales are donated to NHS charities! It's made from cotton, is double-layered, and features elasticated ear loops.

    4. If you love a good cuppa, it's not too early to get yourself this tea selection gift box that has 24 yummy varieties to sample.

    5. This 'wellness' gift set includes a calming pillow spray to help you get to sleep and a warming body balm to soothe aching muscles.

    6. These bougie-looking eye masks contain collagen, hyaluronic acid, and retinoids – alongside actual 24K gold powder – to help reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

    7. This uplifting book is such an easy – yet important – read!

    8. Mix and match these mini clay masks for an affordable way to make yourself feel like you're in a bougie spa.

    9. This squidgy Calma Llama is *possibly* the cutest and most wholesome stress-reliever I've ever seen.

    10. If you appreciate the cosier things in life, then you'll love The Little Book of Hygge – the season of warm blankets and scented candles is truly upon us and I for one couldn't be happier!

    11. These richly-scented bath bombs will moisturise dry skin, help you unwind, and make your bath look far more exciting!

    12. If Emmeline Pankhurst is your idol and soulmate, you'll probably adore this subtle yet powerful print.

    13. Apply this aromatherapy roller ball to your pressure points for help with your concentration and motivation.

    14. If you love mindfulness and brain teasers, then this relaxing puzzle book was pretty much made for you!

    15. This ceramic mug has an adorable surprise waiting for you for when you finish your hot drink.

    16. This soothing fabric mist is infused with geranium, orange, and nutmeg extracts for a lovely calming effect that'll help you unwind.

    17. If you're serious about your loose leaf tea, this stylish glass teapot with a built-in infuser is the ultimate gift from you to you.

    18. This colouring book for adults is full of ~colourful~ words to help you let out your creativity and have a bit of a giggle.

    19. You can use this massage roller ball to work out any knots and relieve your tired muscles, perfect for if a professional massage isn't exactly your idea of relaxing!

    20. These cherry blossom fairy lights will make your bedroom feel like an enchanted forest.

    21. You won't have to share this box of salted caramel-filled Lindt chocolates with anybody else!

    22. This long-lasting nail polish is the most perfect understated dusky pink shade!

    23. This ~luxe~ pamper set is an affordable treat for when you want to feel a little bit special.

    24. These wooden tea light holders are utterly adorable and basically double up as decor.

    25. These rustic fairy lights are made using natural Himalayan salt to give your room a warm, cosy glow.

    26. If you're into mindful hobbies that you can work on at home, why not complete this pumpkin cross stitch kit in time for ~spooky~ season?

    27. This intricate lil' notebook is far prettier than it has any right to be!

    28. This handmade makeup bag has a subtle and stylish personalised design.

    29. If you tell me you're not utterly *obsessed* with this simply purrfect frosted glass tumbler, then I'm sorry but I don't believe you.

    30. This eco-friendly wash kit is full of reusable, low-waste, and vegan products to keep your conscience and your body clean.

    31. If you're into baking, then why not make your creations a bit more unique with these fun reusable cupcake moulds?

    32. And finally, this highly-flattering wooden spoon proves that you can be your own cheerleader!